Tom Daley Transforms Into A Mako Shark

Hey Thrill Seekers,

You know when you get that urge to be transformed into a Mako Shark? Nope neither do we but a couple of weeks ago Olympic Diver and all round nice guy Tom Daley teamed up with our friends at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment to help raise awareness for the ocean’s top predator.


With help from British artist Emma Fay, Tom sttipped down to just his trunks (as usual) and began the 4 hours process to change himself into a living, breathing canvas.



Daley who worked with SeaWorld’s sister park in promoting its massive drop ride Falcon’s Fury, hopes his involvement in the project will highlight the vital role sharks play in the health of the ecosystem, as well as the importance of ocean conservation as a whole.

Tom Said;

I’ve always been really fascinated by sharks. They’re incredible marine animals, but not always in the news for the right reasons.

‘Despite high profile news stories, the percentage of people hurt by sharks is very low, relative to the millions of people who swim and spend time in the ocean.

‘Sharks play a vital role to the health of the ocean. They keep fish populations balanced and protect habitats. Without sharks, the health of the ocean ecosystem would completely change.’

BodypaintingAs you can see the effect is really striking and we hope the campaign really helps to raise shark awareness.

Smiles included…



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