Turtle Trek at SeaWorld – A Photo Walk Through

Back on the 27th April we let you all know that SeaWorld launched ‘Turtle Trek’   The worlds first 3D movie presented in a domed theatre. Last month, courtesy of our good friends at SeaWorld Parks and Entertainments, I was lucky enough to go and experience this amazing attraction first hand. During the experience I managed to take some photos to show a step by step walk through;

Welcome to Turtle Trek - The worlds first 3D movie presented in a domed theatre








Upon entering Turtle Trek there is a beautiful aquarium which is home to some amazing tropical fish and of course lots of turtles! many of the turtle's here have been rescued by SeaWorld.









Before you enter the 3D Theatre there is a short presentation on the turtles and their habitat.








As you move through the attraction towards the 3D theatre you collect your 3D gllasses


Once inside the 3D theatre we are given a short explanation of the technology being used. The movie is controlled by an operator as seen here in the middle of the picture.









Once the movie begins you are told the story of a turtle's cycle of life. The images are projected in 3D around the whole theatre. This image shows a manatee!








The images are projected in such a way that you feel as if you are literally in the middle of the movie. You can almost reach out and grab the images.








You can turn around and look in every direction as the movie plays out the story of a turtle life all around you. Its not just the visuals that are incredible, the sound and the actual story all make this an amazing experience.















I have to admit that the pictures I took within the theatre do not exactly do Turtle Trek the full justice it deserves. The pictures I managed to take were taken with an iPhone so not exactly the best but hopefully enough to give you an idea of what you can expect!

As an experience this has got to be one of the most unique. Its like standing in the middle of a 3D movie (essentially you are) You can turn and look in any direction and see things happening all around you, that’s the beauty of the dome theatre. The imagery is awesome and so are the sound effects. It really does give you a glimpse though the eyes of a turtle as its battles through life. The whole thing lasts around 15-20 minutes.  Queuing time is limited if any as this is a group attraction.

Highly recommended for anyone visiting SeaWolrd.

I would love to hear from anyone else that has experienced Turtle Trek – why not drop us a comment.

Turtle Trek is part of the SeaWorld. You can experience this for your self with the SeaWorld 2 Park ticket or the SeaWorld 3 Park ticket available from OrlandoAttractionTickets.co.uk





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