Universal announce opening date for ‘Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon’

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Rumours of Jimmy Fallon getting his very own ride at Universal Studios had been flying about for a while and then it was finally announced by Universal and Jimmy himself, back in October 2015! That’s such a long time ago but feels like only yesterday! But now the opening date has been confirmed too, April 6th 2017! Jimmy Fallon also mentioned this on his show (I think he’s rather excited, don’t you?!)

Throughout the ride you will get to see some of New York’s biggest landmarks like the Statue of Liberty as well as sights, sounds and even smells! That’s right, smells! According to Jimmy you’ll get to smell some freshly cooked pizza! 😛

‘The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon’ will be filmed at Universal Orlando Resort between April 3rd – 6th and you will have the chance to become part of the audience! Not only that, but there will be special celebrity guests there too! Talk about a grand opening!



Not only have Universal announced the opening date for the attraction, they’ve also announced their new virtual queue system to be used, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the thrills in the park and less time queuing up!

‘Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon’ will be the first attraction to feature the Virtual Line experience at Universal Studios Orlando. Universal’s app will give you access to this new experience as well as kiosks located outside the attraction entrance. You can book your time to ride and the app will allow you to virtually wait in line while you’re off enjoying the thrills and just head back to the attraction when your time is ready.

Get ready for the race of a lifetime!

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