Universal Confirm Next Halloween Horror Nights House

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Following on from last weeks announcement that Leather Face would be attending this years Halloween Horror Nights, Universal have today confirmed that the next house will be based on the spine tingling The Exorcist!


How do you base a full maze around a film that spends a lot of time in one room? Here’s how from Universal themselves;

The answer we landed on was first to break down and assess all the visuals and moments from the film. Piece together every moment within that bedroom and examine why it was intense, scary or even vile. What textures can we reconstruct differently, sometimes in an incredibly abstract way?

The famous “pea soup” scene for instance. What if we were surrounded in the materials of the retch-covered bed? What if those layers of mattress padding literally enveloped us? And let’s be honest, traversing through a vomit-covered bed is pretty horrifying and disgusting by itself. Now add a possessed girl into the mix!

Just like this amazing film, the maze needs to overcome you—even possess you (wink)—with its visuals, characters and environments. It needs to force you on its horrific quest for this young girl’s very soul and spit you out the other side. That is our goal and we are beside ourselves with excitement at the opportunity to do so this year.

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is the legendary separately ticketed scare-fest that  will take place on select nights from Sept. 16th until Oct. 31st. Winner of the Golden Ticket best Halloween event 8 years in a row this is simply a must see extravaganza.

This year Orlando Attraction Tickets have created the first combo tickets specifically for HHN26.

Alternatively you can purchase individual tickets;

Screams included…


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