Universal Expecting Big Things From Volcano Bay

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When Universal confirmed they had a big announcement back in May they weren’t blowing smoke. The introduction of a new state of the art Water Park was more than we could of hoped for. Set to open in 2017 Volcano Bay will become Universal only Water Park when Wet n’ Wild closes at the end of 2016.

volcano bay

Located east of Turkey Lake Road and south of its Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Universal look to be betting big on Volcano Bay being a huge success. Plans submitted with regards to transportation show Universal estimating crowds could hit up to 17,000 people on a good day, and it could attract 1.2 million guests a year.

Now assuming Universal have got their figures right (and they generally do) this would position the new park as the 4th most visited in North America, based on 2014 water park attendances.

2014 north america water park

Quite something for a yet to open Water Park, but you can bet your bottom dollar that 4th is there very lowest valuation and they’ll be looking to challenge Disney’s domination.

With regards to the transportation plans mentioned above, Tom Schroder, Universal’s spokesman declined to talk about it in detail stating that it was far to early to discuss parking. However the plans seem to show Universal has been looking at reserving the bottom floor of its south garage and then transporting customer to Volcano Bay using a tram large enough to fit 150 people at a time!

So one thing is for sure, if Universal are betting heavily on Volcano Bay you can bet its going to be a game changer.

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