Universal Owners Confirm King Kong Attraction To Open In Orlando

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It’s something we’ve speculated about quite a bit on this blog and to be honest we’ve all suspected its been a done deal for quite a while however today we received confirmation that Islands of Adventure will soon be getting a new attraction in the form of King Kong.

king kong

Michael Angelakis CFO of Comcast,  owners of Universal Orlando Resort, dropped the K bomb during an earnings call. The mention was so subtle that it took us a few listens to make sure we’d heard correctly but this is what was said.

As we continue to invest in attractions, including Harry Potter and Fast and the Furious in Hollywood and a King Kong attraction in Orlando, investments in our theme parks are driving strong returns

Strong returns indeed, Universal’s theme parks were up 17% year on year, returning a massive $2.62 Billion in revenue. Much of it attributed to Universal Orlando and a certain Mr Potter.

A King Kong attraction was actually part of the original Universal Studios set up but was replaced in 2002 by the Revenge of the Mummy ride (one of my favourites). Not a lot is known at this point what the attraction will actually be but we doubt its a coaster. We’re thinking a 4d experience telling the tale of the legendary giant Ape.

We’ll keep you posted.

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