What Are Hidden Mickey’s?

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As you may or may not know, there are many hidden Mickey’s placed all around Disney’s products, from Disney movie’s to Disney’s roller coasters and even in some of the Disney areas.

Hidden Mickey’s have been placed in the Walt Disney parks, resorts, attractions, stores and even on the Disney decor since the 1980s. Although we know there are well over 1000 Hidden Mickey’s, Disney have never released details of their exact locations. So we will never officially be able to confirm where they all are but the internet is doing a good job of documenting them.

The majority of the hidden Mickey’s are made up of three circles making the silhouette of the ‘classic’ Mickey head, although, some can even be a crowd of characters in a movie including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Pluto etc.

Hidden Mickey’s around the parks can be made up of almost anything from food to cannonballs to bubbles. They can literally be made up of anything. If you have been to Walt Disney World before you have more than likely seen a lot of them without even noticing! Imagineers can add and remove a Hidden Mickey at any time or even just relocate it; just another reason for not having a complete record of them all.


Disney as a company had originally decided that Epcot was going to be aimed more at adults rather than children which is why they sell alcohol in the park. As they felt that this didn’t match the Disney’s image for how children perceive them, they decided that they could not include any Disney characters in the Epcot park. This is where the idea of the Hidden Mickey’s came in. The Hidden Mickey’s were placed in various spots around the park by the imagineers.

Guests began to comment on the lack of Disney characters at Epcot and in the end Disney started to introduce them, this however did then allow Disney to add Hidden Mickey’s to the rest of the Disney parks.

Vote Hidden Mickey Pirates of the Caribbean wheel cart with two barrels

Epcot started the Hidden Mickey ‘sport’ so a couple to look out for are on the totem poles as you enter the Canada pavillion and in the Le Cellier Wine Steakhouse, you might notice the positioning of the wine bottles…

Magic Kingdom is everything Disney. I mean, you don’t get much more Disneyfied than Magic Kingdom so it’s a little bit harder to spot a Hidden Mickey when there is Mickey Mouse almost everywhere you turn! A Hidden Mickey has been spotted on the lights of Cinderella’s castle in 2014. Could this be one of the Hidden Mickey’s that gets relocated each time or is this always there?


Hollywood Studios has everyone talking when it comes to Hidden Mickey’s. Aerosmith’s Rock n’ Roller Coaster has at least 5 confirmed Hidden Mickey’s and on the Tower of Terror there is at least 3! Can you imagine how many more there are throughout the rest of the park?!

When visiting Animal Kingdom, Hidden Mickey’s can be found before even going through the turnstiles, on the ticket booths! The queue of Expedition Everest has a few Hidden Mickey’s around some of the Yeti’s. Keep your eyes peeled wherever you go as there is bound to be one hidden somewhere!

How many Hidden Mickey’s have you spotted?

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