What Can We Expect From Disney’s Avatar Land?

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A lot is happening at Disney these days they’ve recently closed the Magic of Animation and DisneyQuest is set for retirement in 2016 but it’s not all about closures. As we’ve reported several times Disney are busy building Pandora, the world in which the 2009 film Avatar is set.

Scheduled to open at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in 2017 the Avatar Land is a massive investment and shows that along with the new Star Wars area Disney are investing heavily in content after the huge expense of My Magic Plus but what can we expect from Disney’s Avatar Land?


Avatar Land will take over a location once occupied by the Disney character meet-and-greet area and the “Festival of the Lion King” show, which has been relocated to a new theater.

Pandora’s flagship attraction will be a banshee flight simulator similar to Soarin’ at Epcot however Disney are stating it will be  “considerably more thrilling”!


Also being touted is an indoor boat ride with similar dynamics to Pirates of the Caribbean will take riders on a river journey through the illuminated forest of Pandora.

Disney are also looking to to introduce a some nighttime entertainment featuring music, performers and water screen projections which will take place on Discovery River. For the new show, Disney is reportedly teaming up with Cirque du Soleil and WET, the design firm responsible for the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.


The LA Times also reports that;

After dark, lighting effects will play a prominent role in Avatar Land, with LED-lighted sidewalks and illuminated plants that respond to the touch. The man-made Tree of Life, the centerpiece of the park, is expected to undergo a major makeover that will incorporate lighting effects into every branch and leaf.

By day, the futuristic Avatar Land will be populated by lush jungle foliage, floating mountains and the ruins of a military base camp sprinkled with audio-animatronics, 3-D projections and hologram effects. An area themed as the Pandora landing station mess hall could serve as a quick-service restaurant.

The major announcement that seems to be missing from any reports I’ve read is if Avatar Land will incorporate any kind of flying experience around the Mountain Banshee’s, the flying dragon type creatures depicted in the films….Surely they will?


What would you like to see in Avatar Land?

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