What Could Universal Have Planned For Their New Land Purchase?

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As we mentioned back in early December the rumour mill was in full swing that Universal were about to close in on a plot of land, it looks like those rumours we correct as reports have been coming in suggesting that Universal penned a deal for the land just before the Christmas holidays.

The land we’re talking about is situated near the Orange County Convention Centre and the plot is said to be over 450 acres, to put that into perspective, Islands of adventure is approximately 112 acres in size, so we’re talking about a fair bit land.

Now Universal haven’t made any statements that I’ve seen confirming the land grab or what they tend to do with it, I imagine they’re all to busy doing a massive conga. So until they do come out and say something I thought I’d take the time to give my opinion on what they might do with the land.


Universal is heavily into hotels at the moment, on top of the new Cabana Bay Hotel which opened in 2014 Universal will soon be opening up Sapphire Falls. Rumours have also been rife that the land that currently houses Wet N’ Wild may well make way for another hotel. So its probably a safe bet to suggest that a portion of the 450 plus acres will be used to build another property.

sapphire falls


Early in 2015 we reported that Universal had signed a contract to use Nintendo’s massive catalogue of IP’s however no further information has been forth coming as to what they intend to do.

Could we be looking at the space where a new 3rd gate will be built to house a new park based on video games?


Harry Potter

Nothing makes money like Mr Potter, so it makes sense that a portion of that land be set aside for him. Could we dream of a Hogwarts style hotel or a Ministry of Magic land? Who knows but its going to be great speculating.


Knowing Universal though they may well have another IP up their sleeve, perhaps the long sort after Lord of the Rings IP or perhaps a Hunger Games Land!?

One thing is for sure, Universal are on a massive roll at the moment and long may it continue.

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