What Is Disney’s My Magic Plus And How Does It Work?

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One of the most popular questions asked regarding our Disney My Magic+tickets is “does it include Disney Fastpass?”.

Disney have a system called My Magic+ (or My Magic Plus) and FASTPASS+ which will allow visitors to begin planning their Disney visit months in advance! And yes it is included with your Disney ticket. 🙂

This post may get a little long as the My Magic+ details are constantly altering and updating, so here are the key points you need to know.

Key Details

  • My Magic+ enabled tickets allow visitors to reserve rides, attractions, positions in viewing areas for the parades and fireworks from up to 60 days in advance*.
  • My Magic+ enabled tickets also allow you to reserve tables at your favourite Disney restaurants from up to 180 days in advance.
  • All Disney’s most popular Orlando theme parks include free WiFi this allows My Magic+ enabled ticket holders to amend their itinerary by using their smartphone while  in the park.

my magic plus

What can I do with My Magic+

My Magic+ in essence is a trip planning experience incorporating desktop, tablets and mobile devices for the Disney parks. Visitors who pre-purchase their tickets can book up to 3 ride times per ticket holder per day. You can pre-book these up to 60 days in advance if staying at a Disney property or 30 days if off site. The 3 ride times you select per day must be at the same park, so for example, you couldn’t book  2 rides at Magic Kingdom and 1 ride at Hollywood Studios for the same day. All 3 ride times must be in the same park.

All the Disney theme parks split their attractions and rides into tiers. Tier 1 attractions and rides are the most popular, visitors can make 1 selection from this category per day. Visitors can select 2 Tier 2 attractions and rides per day. Disney offer this to insure capacity is manageable and to make sure you can always ride at least 1 major attraction.

Once you have used your fastpasses on the day you can then go back on to the app and book some more! – subject to availability

my magic+ ride

How can I access My Magic+

Firstly you must have your pre-purchased My Magic+ enabled tickets on you. Orlando Attraction Tickets free standard delivery time is 7-10 working days.

Next, visit either Disney’s own website or download their app from either the app store, google play store or from Amazon apps. you will be required to create a profile once you’ve done this you can then link your tickets to your profile. This will then enable you to access and take full benefit of the planning aspect of My Magic+.

Once you’ve created your account its time to link your tickets to your account. This can be done by keying the ticket number on the website or by scanning the tickets via the app. When you’ve registered all your ticket its time to start selecting your FastPasses! Once you’ve selected the park and the date you’re be visiting you’ll be offered one hour windows for available attractions and entertainment. You can make three FastPass+ selections per day from one park. Don’t fear if you want to make alterations to times or attraction you can do this via the app or website.

Amending your itinerary 

You can amend your itinerary at any point before you get to the park by simply logging in to your account and making the alterations you require. You can even amend the details while in the park using Disney’s free WiFi and their accessing their app.

If you miss a time slot for a pre-booked attraction you can rebook while in the parks but this is subject to availability.

If you have any questions please post them below and we’ll answer them. 🙂

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12 Replies to “What Is Disney’s My Magic Plus And How Does It Work?”

  1. Coming to WDW in July 2014. Tickets already ordered but are the new my magic + ones that we presume we will get, are the made of cardboard (like the previous tickets we had) or plastic like a credit card.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. We have bought the 14 day pass. The app doesn’t allow us to book anything in advance other than resturants :/
    Just a bit worried as I dont wanna spend all day queuing!
    Can we still use the regular fast pass system?


    1. Hi Warren,

      Visitors to Disney who are staying off site (not on Disney property) will be able to make FastPass+ reservations up to 30 days in advance via the My Disney Experience App or Disney Website from the 31st March.

      You can also access My Magic+ while in the parks either by using the kiosks or via your smartphone.



  3. We are travelling to WDW in July 2014. Staying on International Drive. Can you confirm if the MyMagic+ advantages apply to people staying in WDW hotels only. Your post above to “Warren” has confused me slightly. Not sure if FastPass+ is different from MyMagic+. Thanks Clare

    1. Hi Clare,

      Apologies for confusing you. Visitors staying off site are still able to use the My Magic+/FastPass + system.

      Hope that clears it up Clare 🙂



  4. We are booked to visit Orlando August 2014. There is 4 in our family; 2 adults, 1 teenager and 1 toddler. We would like tickets for Disney, Universal and Seaworld. Not sure which is the best value ticket and whether we should include fast pass options. Any advice would be welcomed.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Tricia,

      We can offer two options to cover the parks you’re interested in they are;

      The Orlando Park Hopper – http://www.orlandoattractiontickets.co.uk/Ticket/Orlando-Park-Hopper-Special-Offer
      The Orlando PassPort – http://www.orlandoattractiontickets.co.uk/Ticket/The-Orlando-PassPort

      The difference between the two tickets is that the Park Hopper offers 9 days entry at the Disney parks over 14 days unlike the PassPort which offers 14 days access to the Disney Parks.

      All our disney tickets include My Magic+/FastPass +, other fast pass service for Universal and SeaWorld owned parks would have to be purchased on at the gate.

      I hope this helps, if you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.



    1. Hi Natalie,

      As far as we are aware Disney have no plans to offer the 9 day ticket for 2015. Which is a real shame as it was very popular.



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