What Is UMA?

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Big companies are constantly trademarking words and phrases, sometimes it means nothing at all…. however sometimes it gives us a glimpse at the future. We think Universal’s latest trademark filings might just be pointing towards its future…

The first trademark is Universal Pay (2 images);

Here’s what the trademark states –

i) Providing an internet website portal for the facilitation of financial transactions.

ii) Downloadable software to enable the user to make mobile payments; downloadable mobile device application software for managing, storing, and capturing credit card and debit card information; downloadable software for enabling processing of electronic funds transfers and payments; Interactive computer kiosks comprising of payment terminals for use in monetary transactions

Universal Messaging Assistant (4 images);

also know as;

UMA (4 images)


i) Providing a website featuring customised restaurant and hotel information and recommendations to users; Online restaurant and hotel reservation and booking services

ii) Providing a website featuring customised entertainment and theme park recommendations to users; Online ticket reservation and booking services for entertainment events and amusement park attractions

iii) On-line retail store services featuring tickets to theme parks, theme park attractions, and entertainment events; on-line retail gift shops

iiii) Downloadable computer and mobile application software for providing customised entertainment, restaurant, hotel, and travel information and recommendations to users; Downloadable computer and mobile application software for facilitating the purchase of theme park and entertainment tickets and merchandise; Downloadable computer and mobile application software for making restaurant and entertainment event reservations.

These trademark filings seem to suggest to me that instead of heading down the TapuTapu route for the rest of their parks that perhaps they’re looking to build an all-consuming app that incorporates the obvious ticket and fastpass option but also extends to restaurant/hotel bookings, merchandise purchases and interestingly, recommendations.

Could UMA be the future of Universal?

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