What Should My Orlando Attraction Tickets Look Like?

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It’s absolutely scorching today at OAT towers, we’ve got the air-con on full blast and we’re all dressed as if we’re off to Aquatica, not a pretty sight :-).

Today’s post centers around the tickets we offer and what you should expect to see in your envelope. Each supplier be it SeaWorld, Universal  or Disney all offer slightly different options regarding ticket fulfillment, this can be pretty confusing, we hope after todays post it may become a little clearer.

Disney Tickets

With Disney we offer 3 Ticket types;

All of these tickets pretty much look the same, the main difference is on the back of the ticket, which details the type of ticket and the terms of use.

The front of the ticket depicts one of Disney’s icon characters, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck etc and are set on a blue background.

disney tickets 1

Universal Tickets

Within our Universal Tickets we also offer the FlexTicket and FlexTicket Plus which is a cooperative ticket between Universal and SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, for the purposes of this post we will include the Flex Ticket within this Universal summary.

The 2 park and 3 park ticket pretty much look the same on the front, they display the large Universal logo on a dark blue background again the devil is in the detail which is shown on the back of the ticket.

The FlexTicket and FlexTicket Plus look different and are pretty easy to distinguish.

The Halloween Horror Tickets are similar to the 2 park and 3 park in the sense they look the same but the details on the back are the key.

universal tickets

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

SeaWorld P & E covers SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove. They are leading the way in new line technology and are currently distributing gate ready tickets via email and print outs.

The tickets offered by SeaWorld are individually to each customer and clearly display all the inclusions, the best bit about this tickets is the ability to create multiple copies incase of loss.

SeaWorld EZTicket

So there you are, our guide to what your ticket will look like, we believe very shortly the Disney tickets may be altering slightly but we’ll keep you up to date on these developments.

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