What We’d Like To See Next From The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

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There’s little argument that the runaway success of 2014 was Universal Studios Diagon Alley. Universal managed to take the blue print for Hogsmeade and make it even better. The attention to detail, the Hogwarts Express, a fire breathing dragon! The bar was raised extremely high.

So that brings us to what next? The Harry Potter franchise shows no signs of slowing down in popularity and for Universal its not just about making money there’s a real sense that Disney’s Orlando dominance has taken a real uppercut for the first time ever. With this in mind it seems only a matter of time before Universal announces further developments but what could that be?

Today here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we’ve been discussing what we’d like to see next in the Wizarding World.

Ministry of Magic

Ever since I entered the red telephone box outside of King’s Cross  at Universal Studios and dialled “MAGIC” I’ve been convinced that Universal will definitely be creating something to do with the Ministry.

The voice of the internet seems to agree as does public opinion, what it will actually consist of is up for debate but I’m pretty sure the use of interactive wands will be high on the agenda. We’d also expect to see some more interactive experiences, we’re thinking classes for your young Wizard and Witches similar to the Ollivander attraction.


Malfoy Manor

We think this one is unlikely but we pretty much tried to think of major theme’s within the movies. We have kind of assumed that more people have watched the films rather than read the books.

With Malfoy Manor we had the idea of a kind of spooky haunted house feel. Apart from that we kind of ran out of solid ideas.

Triwizard Tournament

One of the more memorable parts of the films and books. A walk through style attraction could be a big hit. A mixture of Halloween Horror Nights and modern 3D technology could make this not only popular but a real immersive experience.

Harry Potter Hotel

Universal are making great strides in their hotel offerings last year they opened the retro cool Cabana Bay and also announced their intentions to build opposite it, with a relaxed Caribbean themed hotel Sapphire Falls but wouldn’t it be cool if they opened up a hotel themed totally on Harry Potter.

In the Potter books Harry stays at the Leaky Cauldron so there is a precedent for an Inn, also recently a hotel in London hit the headlines for being Harry Potter themed which has proved very popular.

Alternatively the rooms could be set out as if they were the house dorms, for example you sleep on the Gryffindor floor with all the rooms set out in Gryffindor colours and garb.

harry potter hotel

These are all obviosuly us just speculating on what we’d like to see but you never know we might be right!?

What would you like to see at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

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