Why The 18th December 2016 Is Going To Be Packed At Universal Orlando Resort

Hey Thrill Seekers,

I know by the title of this post you’re probably thinking I have some kind of power to see into the future… a mystic meg if you will! However I can report that this is not the case (to my knowledge) but I do stick to this prediction…

Universal Gobe

Why? you may ask. Well luckily for you I’m going to explain in this very post.

Back in May we posted about the exciting news that Universal were set to open up a new state of the art water park called Volcano Bay. We love water parks and we love new stuff, so this got us all very excited. We’ve discussed what the initial concept art told us about Volcano Bay, we’ve even had a stab at guessing some of the names of the new rides. However with Volcano Bay not due to open until 2017 we’ve not really been able to confirm much.

One thing we definitely could confirm though just a couple of weeks later was the news that Wet N’ Wild Orlando was closing. Universal confirmed Wet N’ Wild’s final day would be the 31/12/16…

It led us to speculate what Universal might do with the land.

What perhaps we should of been speculating on though, is what it would do to their tickets… and this is what has lead me to state that I believe the 18th December 2016 will be packed at Studios and Islands.

universal tickets

For 2016 all Universal tickets – 2 park Universal, 3 park Universal, Flex Ticket and Flex Ticket Plus and if featured in combo/bundle tickets will expire on the 31/12/16. All of Universal’s tickets will state “First use must occur by 18/12/16”. and that’s the reason I see the 18th as being rammed!

In my mind I see 1000’s of mad Brits quickly activating their Universal tickets… Although we’ve asked for clarification, Universal have yet to confirm if tickets will be accepted after this date with the knowledge that the ticket will stop working on the 31/12/16. When we get an update we’ll let you know but for now this is the official line.

To receive the full fourteen (14) consecutive calendar days of admission, the ticket must be used by the first use date printed on the ticket. The ticket will expire in full on the expiration date printed on ticket. Unused days shall be forfeited.

So for those heading to the parks on the 18/12/16…. good luck 🙂

Smiles included…



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