Wizarding World Of Harry Potter Expansion Update

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Every since Universal officially announced that they would indeed be expanding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter we’ve been patiently waiting for news… anything… a whisper… honestly we’ll take anything!

Well today a reader pointed me to some expansion photo’s doing the rounds. They feature construction of the “London” part of Diagon Alley, and although the fronts are yet to be fitted the photo’s give you a good idea of the huge scale Universal are going for.




The scale is very impressive and I’m sure once the fronts of some of London’s famous landmarks are also added it will really begin to submerge you into the Wizarding World. The photo’s were provided by orlandoparksnews.com

As we’ve previously reported the two Wizarding World parks will be connected via a working Hogwarts Express, you will require a ticket for each park to ride it. The 2 Park Universal Bonus Ticket is ideal to ride the Hogwarts Express as it offers 14 consecutive days entry in to both Islands of Adventure and Orlando Studios Florida.

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