Zelda rumoured to replace Lost Continent

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The latest word on the street in the world of Orlando theme parks surrounds the Legend of Zelda rumour and where it will go (if the rumour is true that is)

If a new Zelda themed attraction area is coming to Universal, where better for it to go than Lost Continent at Islands of Adventure? ‍♀️ It has no IP attached to it, no merchandise, restaurants or attractions relating to a specific IP so naturally it would be the first to go. It sounds like if this were to happen that the whole space between Suess’ Landing and Hogsmede would be Zelda themed.

The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad is closing on the 15th of this month but it doesn’t look as though Mythos Restuarant or Poseidon’s Fury are going to be closing any time soon.. so what sort of a time scale are we looking at? Now as we know the Nintendo land is confirmed, this will have to open first (our bets on it being in a new Universal park or even Universal Studios) so if they’re going to spread it around and Zelda is going to have its own land then it would have to be done after Nintendo AND the Jurassic World Roller coaster which is rumoured to be coming to IOA in 2020.

Now this is all still a big fat rumour as Universal have not yet confirmed any of this but it’s fun to try and guess what’s coming in the future of the theme parks in Orlando no? 😀

What do you think of this rumour?

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