5 Things I’m Most Looking Forward To From Florida Theme Parks In 2014

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We’re ploughing head first towards 2014 and I for one cannot wait. Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets 2013 has been an extremely productive year, we’ve established ourselves as the fastest growing attractions specialist in the UK and we’re looking to continue this trend in 2014 by branching into new markets and continuing to innovate within the industry.

However without the Theme Parks pushing new products and capturing the public’s imagination  we wouldn’t be able to do this, so todays post is about what I’m most looking forward to 2014.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley

I don’t think there’s anyone who enjoys theme parks that isn’t excited about Universals’ next phase of the Harry Potter inspired land. Diagon Alley will be located at Universal Studio’s where it is replacing the iconic Jaws ride.

Rumours have been flying around ever since Universal made the announcement (actually before that) but we definitely know there will be a Gringotts Coaster, Leaky Cauldron restaurant, interactive elements and a bigger Ollivanders.

Universal did such a great job on the original Wizarding World that I can only see this being a massive success. I’m looking at a release date of June 2014!

diagon alley

Hogwarts Express

I could have included this one in the paragraphs above but I feel this deserves its own section. I can’t think of another park that has ever been linked by a character train.

With the Potter parks being located in two separate parks, Hogsmeade at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Diagon Alley at Universal Studios,Universal had to come up with a way of connecting the lands. Going with the ambitious plan to connect them via the Hogwarts Express is a stroke of genius not only does it keep within the Wizarding World it also mean visitors will require a multi day ticket to use the train!

I got my hair cut this year by a very knowledgeable hairdresser, check out this post… 

hogwarts express 2

Falcon’s Fury

Meh meh meh drop rides… been there done it… or have you? Busch Gardens Tampa is set to up the ante when it comes to drop rides with the launch of Falcon’s Fury in the Summer of 2014. The 350 foot tower positions the rider face first before dropping them at 60 mph towards the ground!

If that doesn’t get the adrenaline pumping then nothing will!!!

falcons fury

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Opening sometime in 2014 (prob summer) this Coaster will be located at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in their new Fantasyland. Its an indoor coaster aimed at families and is themed around Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

Probably the only new ride opening aimed specifically for children it’s one I’m sure will be extremely popular.


Ihu’s Breakaway Falls

The first of the water parks to be featured, not much is known about  located at SeaWorld’s Aquatica but of course we’ve got an idea.

From what we can gather its a multi person drop slide making it the tallest in Orlando for a ride of this kind. Imagine 3 Summit Plummets together where you can race your friends… although this hasn’t been confirmed the clue’s kind of point to this.

iHAs breakaway falls

So there we have it my 5 things to look forward to from the Florida Theme Parks in 2014.

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