A day at Discovery Cove

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Ever wondered what it’s actually like at Discovery Cove? Well wonder no more! A lot of people assume it’s just a park that you can visit if you want to swim with the dolphins. Wrong! There is so much more at Discovery Cove that will amaze you from start to finish.

The park only allow 1300 guests per day so you don’t get the overcrowding, meaning less stress and a great place to relax.

Swimming with the dolphins is completely optional as we offer non swim packages as well as swim packages. If you select the non swim package you will be able to do everything in the park other than go in the dolphin lagoon. If you select the swim package, you will be allocated a time slot to go down and be introduced to your trainer. They will then walk you down to the dolphin lagoon so you can meet your dolphin, kiss them, hug them and rub them before experiencing your once in a lifetime, one-on-one swim.


Why not head over to the grand reef and snorkel with some of the most beautiful fish and if you’re brave enough, come face to face with a shark underwater (behind glass of course). If you like exploring you can take a peek at the reef’s islands and hidden grotto’s.

Discovery Cove have their freshwater oasis where you can get up close and personal with otters and marmosets while wading, wandering and floating around the water-filled trails. You will be able to see some amazing discoveries the more you search.

Visit the free-flight aviary and feed some of the beautiful, tropical birds while they soar above and around you in their natural habitat.


Float around the wind-away river past the sandy beaches, through the rain forest, beneath the waterfalls and through the underwater cave. Behind the waterfalls you will also find yourself in part of the aviary with the birds flying all around you.

Don’t forget, Discovery Cove is all inclusive so you can take advantage of the unlimited food and drink (alcoholic too, believe it or not) at the Laguna Grill. Along with you day at Discovery Cove you will also receive your complimentary hire of a mask, snorkel, wetsuit/vest, towels, lockers, beach umbrellas, sun loungers and hammocks.

Now what reason could you possibly have that would make you not want to visit Discovery Cove? I’m pretty sure there’s no reason at all, so get yourself down there 😉

Smiles Included…

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