Are These The Plans For Universal Orlando’s Gringotts Bank Roller Coaster?

Good Evening Thrill Seekers,

As Monday’s go this has been a pretty busy one… Dwarfs here, Falcons there and just to end the day how about a bit of Harry Potter leakage!? That sounded better in my head!

Anyway, about 10 mins ago I got a dodgy looking email with some attachments, the email had the subject Gringotts Bank Coaster Plans…. Hmmm highly suspicious subject, there’s noway I’m going to open that… but the contents were written by an actual human who pointed me in the direction of a, sort of, trusted source. So I open it.

Here’s what it contained…

gringotts plan


Yep granted it looks a bit particular… but what we have here could/maybe/might/is (delete appropriate) the plans for the Gringotts Ride at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley!!! *Head Explodes*

The plans seem to show the use of a dual-loading station situated on the left hand side of the plans, the same type of system they use for Universal Studios other dark ride, Revenge of the Mummy. The large, conical projection screens that will be used to display some of the action also appear to be shown, although they are not labelled.

I’ll update as I look properly at the other images…

Smiles included…



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