Boggy Creek Airboat Rides… What’s That All About?

Hey Thrill Seekers,

A lot of people ask me ‘What is the Boggy Creek Airboat Ride?’

So..I thought, why not write a blog about it?! Everyone loves a good blog!

We offer 2 different Boggy Creek experiences. The first one is a 30 minute airboat ride which takes you that little bit close to the wildlife  in the swamp! As if all the animals at Animal Kingdom and Busch Gardens weren’t enough!? But these airboat rides are just that little bit extra including views of exotic birds, turtles and the Florida Alligators! The difference is, these animals are all in their natural habitat so you can see how they really live day to day!


The airboat ride will last for about 30 minutes, reaching speeds of 45 mph. Going through a swamp at 45 mph is pretty good going if you ask me, my car has trouble reaching that on a motorway! A lot of people have said it’s a surprisingly smooth ride considering. Carrying approximately 17 people, it’s a fair size airboat and of course it’s gonna get a bit noisy but do not fear as they will provide you with hearing protection.

If you’re worried about not being able to swim, the chances of you falling in are very slim although everyone is given a life jacket to wear throughout. If that wasn’t enough to boost your confidence, all of the captains graduated at the U. S. coastal guard sea school so they will make you all feel at ease.

Boggy Creek is open 365 days a year 09:00 – 17:50. You won’t need to worry about booking a date or time for your airboat ride as they just simply take place every 30 minutes. Makes sense really! It’s definitely a must when visiting Orlando!

Now, what about the Boggy Creek 1 Hour Airboat Night Tour?!

Not only have you got the opportunity to see the Florida Alligators, but you can look out for their red eyes in the darkness! The only light you will see is the captain’s helmet torch and the moon if you’re really lucky!

The most important difference to remember between the 30 minute and the 1 hour airboat ride is that this one needs to be booked in advance! You can book your slot on our website when you book the tickets, so it’s pretty easy! But remember, you must be at the Boggy Creek 30 minutes before your allocated time slot.


For those of you who can’t get enough thrills the Boggy Creek 1 Hour Airboat Night Tour is for you. Imagine spotting Florida Alligators in their natural habitat, looking for their red eyes in darkness the only light coming from the Captains Miner helmet. it doesn’t get much more real than an Airboat ride at Boggy Creek Orlando.

So why not give it a go? You will never have the experience more than once on these airboat rides. It’s so unique, you never know what you’re going to see!

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