Busch Gardens Tampa Confirms New Family Coaster Cobra’s Curse

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Firstly SeaWorld announces its new MAKO Coaster and now Busch Gardens confirms they too are launching a new ride, Cobra’s Curse (as we reported yesterday).

The new ride is described by Busch Gardens as a unique ride, very repeatable and a perfect fit for their theme park portfolio.  The ideal attraction for family and friends to ride together. It will launch in 2016.


Mack will be building the ride, focused on the family and thrills. Cobra’s Curse will have a 42″ rider limit and will feature an 8 seater passenger train, 4 rows, 2 per people per row.


It will feature a Vertical 70 feet, drop in to serengeti plain. Cobra’s Curse is a spin coaster with a twist, you start your ride facing forward weaving in and out of the sites, the car is then span 180 degrees so you ride backwards on to a second lift, which triggers the car to the spin, the spin is controlled by the riders via weight distribution.


The ride will last 3 and half minutes long meaning that 1000 people per hour can ride it. Visitors will Queue through Tut’s Tomb which will be air conditioned.

Cobra’s Curse Facts

Ride Height: Approx. 70 feet.

Ride Length: Over 2000 feet of track.

Maximum Speed: over 40mph.

It looks like this could be a great ride for the family and possibly something Busch Gardens has been missing!?

What do you think?

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