What Does The Artists Rendering Tell Us About Epic Universe

Hey Thrill Seekers,

So Universal’s Epic press conference took place today and although they confirmed that the new park was happening and that it would be called Universal’s Epic Universe that’s all they really did say!

A bit disappointing but what they did do was leave us with this artists rendering of the new park.

So this gives us the chance to get guessing about the areas…


The main entrance to the park feel’s very much like Studios but in a more modern and grander way. After passing through where I imagine the turnstiles would be the circled area look very similar to the actual Epic Universe logo.


The area to the left when you enter the park looks to me like the model we saw a few years ago of the proposed Nintendo land. The main part looks to me like Mushroom Kingdom and at the back of the land I would assume that its the rumoured Donkey Kong minecart ride. If this is the case then I’d suggest the closed building next to it might well be Mario Kart.

Universal Classic Monsters

A rumour that hasn’t gone away is the idea of Universal creating a Monsters land showing off all their great IP including Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster etc. I’m guessing that this gothic looking land may well be its home.

Fantastic Beasts 

There’s no getting away from the cash cow that is the Wizarding World and I’m thinking we will definitely have some JK presence in the new park. The pic above seems like the sort of area Universal have made in the past, narrow streets with an old timey feel to it. Either that or its just some shops.

Star Trek

The shape of this building automatically makes me think of the USS Enterprise and what better way to combat Star Wars than introduce its Science fiction nemesis.

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon will definitely have a presence in the park and I think this area could fit the bill. Perhaps the duelling coaster will feature flying on a dragon.

Concert Area

Perhaps a concert area or even a daily show.

Water show

Similar to what they have at Universal Studios. We’re thinking a light mapping experience based around the Epic content. We’re assuming the raised parts can be used for seating.

What do you think? Is there anything we’ve missed?

Smiles included…