Typhoon Lagoon’s Top Attractions 2016

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Typhoon Lagoon is a fabulous water park and your favourite attraction?

Crush ‘n’ Gusher

This 400 foot long wild raft ride will see you visit an abandoned fruit-processing plant where fruit used to be washed before the huge typhoon. Powerful jets will launch you up hills and lead you into sudden dips and hairpins.


There’s 3 “fruit chutes” to choose from and you can go in pairs or brave it alone, there’s the Pineapple Plunger, Coconut Crusher or Banana Blaster.

This is a thrilling water slide with loads of surprises along the way and my tip is to try and keep your balance at the end to see how far you can ‘skim’ across Hideaway Bay! Definitely a good choice for first place.

Second Place: Surf Pool – Who doesn’t love a wave pool? Typhoon Lagoon have gone one up with their waves which reach up to 6 foot!

Third Place: Castaway Creek – Lazy rivers are pretty popular and Castaway Creek does not disappoint. This is a pretty serene experience as you let the current lead you through the mystical river, you can choose to float along using a inner tube or paddle! There’s cool mists, waterfalls and amazing rainforest landscapes throughout the journey.


Fourth Place: Shark Reef – This attraction allows guests the once in a lifetime chance to swim amongst some cool sea-life such as sharks and rays! Sadly this attraction closed in October this year.

Fifth Place: Storm Slides – Choose from one of 3 slides, each one will take you on a different adventure so I would recommend doing all 3 if you get the chance!

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Blizzard Beach Top Attractions 2016

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Topping the Blizzard Beach charts and coming in at the highest it’s the highly popular (if you haven’t guessed it already) Summit Plummet.

The 120 foot tall ride is one of Orlando’s most extreme attractions, as you fly down the almost vertical slope you’ll be able to see over the whole park – that’s if you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open!!


Second Place: Teamboat Springs – This is a great family slide and fits up to 6 people. Its a fun packed 1,200 foot slide consisting of spins, twists and lots of splashes.

Third Place: Toboggan Racers – As you zoom head first from the top to the bottom of Mount Gushmore be prepared to catch some air as you lift off with every dip, will you be the winner?

Fourth Place: Runoff Rapids – There are three slides to choose from with each one being a totally different experience. One slide is a dark, fully enclosed trip to the bottom, the other two will see you hop in to a inner tube finding yourself weaving over and under the centre slide.

Fifth Place: Downhill Double Dipper – The perfect ride for any competitive person! You’ll almost be able to touch the tension as you and your opponent anticipate the start of the race. You’ll reach huge speeds before plunging into the water at the end. What’s cooler is that your time will be displayed on overhead digital stop clocks.


Again all you thrill seekers have proved how hardcore you are by voting Summit Plummet as the top attraction in Blizzard Beach. The free-fall, ski jump slide is not one for the faint hearted as you reach mega speeds, zoom through a dark tunnel finally landing in a huge spray of whitewater.

This is a awesome slide and a worthy winner.

Smiles Included…

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Wet ‘n Wild’s Top Attraction 2016

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Wet ‘n Wild is sadly closing permanently on the 31st December 2016 so this will be the last time the top attractions at this park will be voted for. 🙁

Thrill seekers have voted Aqua Drag Racer as the top attraction for 2016.  This is the tallest and fastest ride of its kind in Florida! It is a four lane slide which really brings our your competitive side.


You will take this slide on head first over 360 feet of twisting and turning track and standing at 65 feet tall you can only imagine the kind of speeds you will pick up along the way!

Second Place: Brain Wash“A mind-altering trip down a 53-foot vertical drop into a domed funnel.”

Third Place: Disco H2O – This is like a water slide inside a night club, a great, upbeat slide!


Fourth Place: The Storm – There is no raft or mat needed on this one.. you’ll spin around countless times before shooting into the pool below.

Fifth Place: Bomb Bay – This is a scary but absolute must do drop slide!!

Smiles Included,


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Discovery Cove’s Top Attraction’s 2016

Hey Thrill Seekers,

The top attraction at Discovery Cove for 2016 was a no brainer. Of course it was Dolphin Lagoon. This may have something to do with the once in a life time opportunity to swim with dolphins!

If you opt for the swim package at Discovery Cove you get the incredible experience of meeting, interacting and swimming with a beautiful bottlenose dolphin in Dolphin Lagoon. This will definitely be the highlight of your day and maybe even your whole holiday!

discovery cove

From the feedback we have received by those of you who have visited Discovery Cove I can see why it has come out on top and put perfectly by one of our customers who recently visited:

” The most wonderful day. Can”t put into words how enjoyable the whole day was. Swimming with the dolphins is just an incredible experience.”

Second Place: Dolphin Swim Experience – Takes place within Dolphin Lagoon – a unforgettable experience!

Third Place: Grand Reef – Snorkel with thousands of fish, rays and sharks in this 2.5 acre tropical world.


Fourth Place: Wind Away River – This is one of the most relaxing things to do when in Orlando – my tip is to grab one of the floats before embarking on your adventure for full relaxation!

Fifth Place: Explorers Aviary – A fantastic opportunity to feed beautiful birds right from the palm of your hands.

I am sooo jealous of anyone who had the chance to visit and swim with dolphins this year but in my opinion you voted a very respectable winner!

Smiles Included..


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Aquatica’s Top Attractions 2016

Hey Thrill Seekers,

I’m going to be taking a look into what you guys have voted as your favourite attraction of 2016 for each individual park. Starting with Aquatica.

Drum roll please….

Its the worlds longest drop tower multi-slide.. Ihu’s Breakaway Falls! The 80 ft tall, vertical slide doesn’t seem to have phased any of you thrill seekers as it has been voted as the favourite attraction in Aquatica.


This attraction boasts 4 different slides each with its own steep and very very high 360 degree spiral. You will need to prepare to be unprepared as once you step foot into of of the ‘breakaway boxes’ you have accepted your fate and will not know when you are going to drop vertically at a rate of 20 – 24 feet per second! If the fear of the unknown is too much for you to handle then you will always have to option to choose the fourth slide which will allow you to choose exactly when you drop – I think I would find it more difficult trying to force myself to push the button!

Second Place: Roa’s Rapids – four times faster than your average river rapids this definitely isn’t a ‘lazy’ river. Look out for the geysers and waterfalls!

Third Place: Dolphin Plunge – This 250 foot Slide consists of clear tubes immersed in a Commerson’s dolphin habitat where you can race with the dolphins as you whizz through the slide!


Fourth Place: Hooroo Run & Walhalla Wave – This 6 storey triple drop water slide is 7 foot wide and 250 foot high! This slide is sure to be a thrilling experience.

Fifth Place: Walk About Waters – Absolutely perfect for the kiddies! With plenty of water cannons, slides and rides your kids will be entertained for hours.

I can see why Ihu’s Breakaway Falls would be the favourite slide at Aquatica due to the extremely high thrill factor and the sense of achievement you feel once your wobbly legs carry you out of the ‘landing area.’ Good choice guys!

Smiles Included..

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Revised Wet ‘n Wild Opening Hours

Hey Thrill Seekers,

As we all know, sadly Universals Wet ‘N Wild is permanently closing on the 31st December 2016. Due to this closure there has been some changes to the operating calendar for the remainder of this year.

From November onward Wet ‘n Wild will be closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. There is however an exception to this as the park will remain open every day during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“Wet ‘n Wild will be open each day of the week except Wednesdays and Thursdays for the remainder of the year.  As an exception, it will be open November 23-24 and December 28-29 during normal park operating hours of 11am-5pm. This partial, seasonal, adjust of hours is common in the water park industry.”

Wet ‘n Wild will be closed on the following dates:

November – 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 30th.

December – 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd.

The parks operating hours will be 11am – 5pm for all of the dates that it is open with the exception of the 26th December – 31st December where it will be open between the hours of 10am – 5pm.


Wet ’n Wild opened in 1977 (this was waaaaay before i was born!!) and has been owned by Universal since 1998. Upon announcing the closure Universal stated:

“Since its opening in 1977, Wet ‘n Wild Orlando has been a place where guests have created wonderful memories. As America’s first water park, Wet ‘n Wild has been the birthplace of numerous innovations that are now considered a common part of the water park experience.”

It will be very sad to see Wet ‘n Wild close at the end of the year and if you’re wanting to visit again one last time before it closes for good, or if you haven’t ever been to Wet ‘n Wild but want to be able to experience it before it’s gone forever then don’t forget to purchase one of our Universal 3 Park Bonus tickets.

Smiles Included,


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Disney Name New Typhoon Lagoon Ride

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Forget theme parks for innovation, at the moment we’re seeing water parks step up and raise the bar… Universal Orlando has set the bar with the news they’ll be opening a brand new water park, Volcano Bay in June 2017 but Disney have also got news of their own.

Back in June we reported that Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon had filed an application with the water authorities to turn an existing back stage area into a new attraction. At that time we weren’t sure exactly what we could expect however last night a bit more information was revealed.

The ride will be called Miss Fortune Falls and will open in the Spring of next year, the park is due to shut from the 25/12/16 until the 11/03/17 for refurbishment.

miss fortune falls

Miss Fortune Falls will be a family-style raft attraction that takes guests on a splashing journey through the fabled Captain Mary Oceaneer’s past. Legend has it that Captain Oceanear, a treasure-hunting heroine, traveled across the sea collecting unique artifacts before she became stranded at Typhoon Lagoon many years ago by a rogue storm.

Aboard treasure rafts, guests will ascend to the top of the attraction before plunging into a white-water adventure where they will be able to spot some of the treasures Captain Oceanear gathered from around the world.

With a ride time of two minutes, Miss Fortune Falls will be among the longest duration of any attractions at both Disney Water Parks.

Obviously I couldn’t write a piece about Typhoon Lagoon without sharing my favourite video of all time….

We’ll of course give you more information when we know it.

Smiles included…


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What We Can Expect From Universal’s Volcano Bay

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Yesterday we confirmed that Universal’s brand new Water Park Volcano Bay will open on the 1st June 2017 and over night Universal have sent us further information.

Lets take a closer look at what we can expect from Volcano Bay.

The guys and girls who were the brains behind the Wizarding World of Harry Potter have also had a hand in creating Volcano Bay, the poor loves had to travel Bali, the Middle East, Europe and all across the United States to take inspiration from some of the most beautiful resorts and awesome water parks our little planet has to offer.

The park will have 18 attractions spread over 28 acres of a tropical oasis. Universal have thought long and hard about making their third park as unique and modern as possible.

One of our first goals was to eliminate hassles for guests so they can focus on the fun. So we found a way to get rid of long lines. We made it so you don’t have to carry your tube. We spread amenities like dining throughout the park, so you don’t have to hike up to the front of the park for a bite to eat. And we brought the mindset of designing a world-class resort to create a water paradise.


Disney Looking To Expand Typhoon Lagoon

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Could we be looking at a war of the water parks? We all know that Universal will be unveiling their much anticipated water park Volcano Bay in 2017 but could Disney be looking to combat it with an expansion of their own.

We’re hearing that Disney are looking at expanding an area just behind Typhoon Lagoon approximately 2.28 acres of land, the plans set out state a construction of a new guest area, including a water feature, sidewalks and landscaped area. We’re also hearing they’ll be a new ride…


The new attraction is said to be a family raft ride which will include an elevated flume track, whatever that means and will be located wet of Crush N’ Gusher.

So with Universal and Disney both investing in water parks it seems to be a good time to start getting that beach body… and if you can, could you grab me one too!

Smiles included…


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