Checking Out The New RFID Disney Theme Park Tickets

Morning Thrill Seekers,

As we’ve reported in the past on this blog, Disney have been rfid disney ticketsinvesting heavily in altering their front gate technology. While Universal and other competitors have been launching new rides, Disney has been rolling out a string of changes that could be seen as a game changer in the World of theme parks.

Since July instead of the old style cardboard tickets, Orlando Attraction Tickets has been issuing the new RFID – radio frequency identification plastic credit card type tickets. (pictured above). Each ticket has a chip embedded within it, not only does this replace the need for barcodes and lasers to scan tickets, it also will be able to collect additional data including movements within the park, this will aid Disney in understanding how people move within their parks.

Disney have slowly removed all the traditional turnstiles and information received this month has confirmed that they have all been replaced with the new beautiful looking RFID readers.

Check out this video below which shows exactly how the new style tickets are working.

As you can see the process is super quick and the new style tickets are a lot more durable than their counterparts. As the RFID technology evolves you’ll be able to make in-park purchases using your Disney ticket and take advantage of Disney’s new and improved FastPass system allowing you to pre-book attractions months in advance.

For those of you with the old style cardboard ticket, don’t fear, its still valid and upon arrival at the parks you’ll simply have to exchange it at guest services for the new style ticket 🙂

If you’ve recently used the new style ticket why not tell us about your experience below?

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  1. We purchased our Disney tickets from you last autumn for use this summer, we were sent cardboard ones and when we arrived at the parks in July they were quickly exchanged for the new ones. The parks were still having teething problems but despite this it was quicker and easier for all our family members (3 kids as well) and when it was raining or in wet conditions i.e the water parks, it was not a problem as they were plastic (unlike our cardboard Universal tickets which ended up sticking to each other and loosing part of the barcode). Love the new technology & new tickets. Definately a big improvement.

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