Could Universal Be Boldly Going Where No One Has Gone Before

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Regular readers of this blog and viewers of our bi-weekly show OAT Live will know we love a good rumour and this one can truly be filed under good rumour.

Now we all know that Universal has plans for a 4th gate, they already have Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and water theme park Volcano Bay but with the recent purchase of a whole lot of land its probably the industries worst kept secret that they’re looking to build a new theme park.

Most of the rumours around the new 4th park are rightfully concentrating on the Universal Nintendo tie up that will definitely see the introduction of Nintendo IP like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong etc however recently the internet has been rife with a new 4th park rumour…. STAR TREK!

So here’s what I’m hearing (imagine Spock ears);

Universal are considering two possible ways of introducing Star Trek. Firstly; they might be interested in replacing the vacant Terminator 3D ride with a Star Trek show, this one seems a little flimsy as Universal have already announced that this attraction will make way for an all-new live action experience based on a high-energy Universal franchise. Although Star Trek can be high-energy at times it’s definitely not a Universal Franchise… so at the time of writing this I’m still sticking with my original thought that we’ll see a Jason Bourne attraction.

The second and perhaps more likely scenario is that Star Trek will appear as a land of its own, perhaps to battle directly with Disney’s soon to be opened (Autumn 2019) Star Wars Land. Fan’s have been discussing the idea of a sci-fi area for a long time so this option could tick two boxes.

Alain Littaye, writer for the blog Disney and more states in his latest post that his Universal source believes that;

a Star Trek Sci-Fi area is being highly considered to hit back WDW DHS Star Wars land

What would a Star Trek land involve?

Well some are pointing at a Las Vegas project that unfortunately never made it to production that involved a full scale USS Enterprise that visitors would enter and would house a few attractions! We’re also hearing strong calls for a Starfleet Academy live show or interactive experience.

Whatever happens we believe Universal will start breaking ground for the 4th park soon in an attempt to launch in 2022. Remember though this is all rumours and until Universal confirm anything it should be treated as such.

Is a Star Trek land something you’d be interested in?

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