Disney Water Parks To Introduce Virtual Queues

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Virtual queuing… haven’t we written about this already!? Yup hot on the heels of Universal confirming virtual queuing at Volcano Bay and Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon, Disney will also be using the system at Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach.


Virtual queuing is an in park system that selects a time for you to ride an attraction, so instead of standing and queuing you return to the attraction at agreed time. This allows you to enjoy the rest of the park while you wait.

Virtual queuing  is different to Disney’s FastPass+ system as you can’t pre-book virtual queues.


We are lead to believe that testing for the virtual system has already begun at both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard beach with Typhoons newest attraction Miss Adventure Falls being one of the rides being used along with Summit Plummet, Slush Gusher and Double Dipper at Blizzard Beach.

Anything that cuts down physical queuing is well received by us. It looks like virtual queuing could be the new buzz item at parks.

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