Dispelling The Myth Of E-tickets

Morning Thrill Seekers,

There is a big difference between E-tickets and E-vouchers. For ourSeaWorld EZTicket SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Aquatica product we offer E-tickets not E-vouchers…

An E-voucher is a piece of paper with a confirmation number upon it that you take to guest services and exchange for real tickets.

An E-ticket (which we provide) is a real ticket, you head straight to the turnstile, scan the barcode and in you go to enjoy the parks attractions.

There are some massive benefits to having an E-ticket, the most obvious one is if you lose your E-ticket you can simply print off another copy and nothing is lost. Its quick and simple; and here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we offer the option to not only print a copy off ourselves but to also email you the file so you can use it at your own leisure.

Some Myths Busted

Myth 1

I’ll have to swap the E-ticket locally – Nope, absolute myth, the tickets are gate ready, simply scan them and in you go. This blog post SeaWorld E-tickets at work explains more.

Myth 2 

I’ll get it wet on the water rides – Well this maybe true, but if you’re getting your E-ticket wet then you’re also getting your money wet and possibly your camera. This is a quote directly from a theme park visitor that I think is pretty accurate.

I also don’t see what the problem would be with water rides? Surely you would have them in a bag? Unless you’re expecting all your money, camera etc to get soaked too? I’ve always had the tickets stay in perfect condition for 2/3 weeks easily

However what happens if you do it get it wet? Simply print off a new ticket.

Myth 3

E-tickets take up to much room – E-tickets are generally A4 pieces of paper, you can fold them and they do fit in a wallet. We also find that generally people carry their tickets in a bag while in the parks.

Myth 4

I could turn up and they don’t work – We purchase E-tickets exactly the same way as we do any other ticket type. They are pre-paid for by ourselves before issuing them to you. An E-ticket works exactly the same way as any other ticket.

Simply put the E-ticket should really just be called a ticket.



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