Got Time On Your Hands? Watch Some Meerkats At Busch Gardens Tampa

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Move over penguins, there’s a new adorable family in town (er, online).

AnimalVision™ – the online portal where viewers can explore the world of wildlife 24/7 through animal habitats at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens – just got even cuter with the addition of Busch Gardens Tampa’s new AnimalVision Meerkat Cam. Viewers can see these amazing animals by visiting



Together, the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks care for one of the largest zoological collections of animals in North America: more than 86,000 animals. Viewers can watch penguins swim at show-off speeds, be charmed by the antics of meerkats or get some perspective on some of the most ancient animals of the sea, sea turtles.

NEW! Meerkat Cam

Meerkats are social butterflies and groups of families can be found living together as little southern Africa subdivisions. Lookouts watch for predators while others scout for food and take care of the young. These little guys burn a lot of calories, so they aren’t fussy eaters – bugs, reptiles, birds and fruit are all on the menu.

Penguin Cam

The penguins in our parks have always known how to charm a crowd. Whether they’re racing through the water at show-off speeds or waddling around their Antarctic habitat, the AnimalVision Penguin Cam will show you why these flightless comics are such fan favorites.

Sea Turtle Cam

It’s not often that you get a chance to make a connection with an animal whose ancestors were swimming the World’s oceans more than 200 million years ago. Every time you tune into the AnimalVision Sea Turtle Cam, you’re doing just that. Today, almost all sea turtles are threatened or endangered, but you can enjoy watching them for a while and then learn what we can all do to help conserve this ancient species.

With the exciting interactive options on, users can switch between cameras to check out the habitats from every angle, snap pics of favorite moments and share them with friends and family, download games, pick up fun facts about the animals and learn about the parks’ worldwide conservation efforts and how they can join and make a difference.

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