Is King Kong About To Invade Universal’s Islands Of Adventure?

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I’ve been reporting on theme parks for quite a while now, rumour and speculation comeking-kong hand in hand but I’m failing to think of a previous time that Universal have been so prominent. If its not Potter related then its 3rd park rumours and if its not 3rd park rumours then its Jurassic Park speculation.

So when I get told about project 340 I’m obviously going to investigate. 340 is the alleged project number for a King Kong attraction which is apparently going to be built at Universal’s Islands of Adventure right next to the Jurassic Park area.

Universal already has a King Kong attraction housed at its Hollywood Park in California but I’m hearing that perhaps it wont be a complete replicate and may well be more of a dark ride incorporating indoor and outdoor features.. On top of this I’m being told (huge pinch of salt) that Universal will build a land around King Kong based on Skull Island.

Here’s a little taster of what the King Kong 360 ride is like in California;

We’re looking at a 2016 reveal date as Universal look set too keep to their word of  1 major attraction ever year.

Is a King Kong attraction something you’d be interested in?

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