Jurassic Park River Adventure At Universal Orlando

Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universals Island of Adventures in Orlando Florida stats as a gentle glide around the beautiful Jurassic scenery, sail past the enormous Ultrasaurus, see a baby Stegosaurus and its mother and keep a look out for the Dilophosauruses, commonly known as “spitters.”

Suddenly you’re bumped off course and into a restricted section of the park… the Raptor Containment Area. The power to the fences is down. The raptors have broken loose! You ascend into the Environmental Systems Building as chaos unfolds around you. The lights are out. Raptors stalk your every move. And your only escape from the terrifying jaws of a towering T-rex is an 85-foot plunge in total darkness!

Height to ride – 42″

Top Speed – Family ride so not fast.

Height reached – 85 foot drop.

Attraction Tickets Review – Great atmospheric ride that lulls you in to a false sense of security right to the end…

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