New Night-time Show Coming To The Wizarding World?

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Happy New Year.. and what better way to start the year but with a good old rumour! On Christmas Eve the excellent Screamscape dropped a Potter bomb in the shape of a predicted new night-time show which they believe will take place at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

The idea being very similar to the opening ceremony that took place in 2016 for Universal Hollywood’s own Wizarding World of Harry Potter, that a look here.

You’ll note the amazing music and fireworks but the standout for me is the huge improvement in adding computer graphics that are imprinted on to the  Hogwarts Castle, the brilliants lions of Gryffindor that come to life and the way they allow you to take a sneak peak into the castle itself is simply breath-taking.

As an amateur photographer the idea of capturing some of that imagery is mouth watering and I hope this is truly something Universal are looking into. A quick look at Universal’s jobs website gives me hope 🙂

universaljobObviously this doesn’t confirm anything and Universal are keeping schtum but I am considering ironing my Hufflepuff robes!

There is one thing that concerns me slightly, have you ever been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? Its small, its designed that way on purpose to give it the real feel that JK Rowling insisted on and although it works perfectly in creating the correct ambiance it wont be so good for large crowds of people waiting to watch the show.


But hey, these kind of conundrums are why the brains at Universal get paid the big bucks! Is a night time Wizarding World of Harry Potter show something you guys would be interested in?

Smiles included…


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