Our Goals For 2014

Happy New Year Thrill Seekers,

2013 has been a massive year for Orlando Attraction Tickets we’ve happy new yearsmashed all our previous years sales, we launched a new website, we picked up a bronze in the British Travel Awards and we’ve innovated within an industry that hasn’t been disrupted in a long time (see Wish Lists, Ticket Rush, Ticket Time, ShareTheLove)…. but we’re not sitting on our laurels.

For 2014 we hope to offer even more, here’s our list of new year resolutions.

Faster Delivery

Our free standard delivery time is quoted as 7-10 working days. In 2013 thanks to some sterling work from our ticket dispatch team our average time was actually 5 days.

We’re pretty happy with this but we’re confident we can get it even quicker by using the data from 2013 to stock correctly for the peaks and troughs. We’re also looking at a slightly different way of fulfillment within OAT HQ which we hope can take at least day off.

New Product

We’ve been in talks with a few of the parks to increase the amount of product we have on the site. We’re happy to have recently added some meal deals and tours for SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment including the very popular Serengeti Safari and Beluga Interaction Programme but we’re also on the look out to offer some more off the wall experiences.

More Social

Last year we grew our facebook page from 1 like (me) to 1285 (today) although we’re happy with this we want to create more interaction on the page. We’ve got a new competition ready to go on the first of Jan 2014 and have 5 others in the bag.


We’re never happy to sit still and let the market develope around us. The company has a culture of innovating and we intend to continue with this in 2014. We have a few things in the pipeline that we hope will be mature in the first quarter, one of which may prove to be very controversial!

So there we have it, Faster, More, Social and Innovate are our buzzwords for 2014. See you on the other side….

Happy New Year and Smiles included…



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