SeaWorld and Busch Gardens reservation information

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Here is the latest information from SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment on their reservation system.

How does the reservation process work?
Each park has implemented a reservation system requiring guests and pass members to secure a specific day for their visit in advance.
You can make reservations up until the end of 2020 at this time.

Make a reservation for Busch Gardens here

Make a reservation for SeaWorld here

Make a reservation for Aquatica here

Your tickets will be available within your customer account online under the ‘wallet’ tab. The barcode numbers are on the tickets. If you cannot see these, please contact us on live chat. If it is out of operating hours please contact us via email


All guests with existing tickets will be able to make a reservation by:

  • Visiting the park website and clicking on the “reserve your day” button
  • Identify yourself as either a ticket holder
  • Select the date you would like to visit
  • You will need your ticket barcode number and email address to confirm your reservation

Guests who purchase new tickets, Fun Cards, seasonal or annual passes will follow the prompts when buying these products.

Guests purchasing premium experiences (dining, animal interactions) will also need a reservation for the day of their visit. Please visit the park website to reserve a date for your visit by entering the ticket or pass number.

The system is not letting me make a reservations or finalize my transaction. What can I do?
If you are unable to make a reservation on your first attempt, please empty your cart by clicking remove on each item (your cart must be empty to proceed) and try again.

Does each person have to reserve individually, or can my entire party reserve at the same time?
Everyone in the party needs a reservation. Children under 3 do not require a reservation or ticket for entry.

Do I need a reservation for anyone younger than 3?
Children under 3 do not require a reservation or ticket for entry. Only ticketed guests require a reservation for entry. Children 2 and under are admitted free.

What kind of ticket holders are required to make reservations?
All ticket holders— including single day visitors, multi day ticket holders, group ticket holders, complimentary ticket holders, seasonal and annual pass members and Fun Card holders —are required to make a reservation before they visit.

Can I make a reservation on the same day as my planned visit?
Yes, a reservation can be made on the same day of your planned visit if there is inventory availability.

Can I purchase a date-specific ticket on the same day as my planned visit?
Yes, you can purchase a date-specific ticket on the same day of your visit if there is inventory availability.

I currently have a valid single-day ticket, multi day ticket, group ticket, complimentary ticket, season or annual pass, or Fun Card in my possession and I want to reserve my day. What do I do?
Go to “Reserve Now” from the park website from the home page and choose your date of visit under the ticket holder section.

I currently have a valid multi-day ticket, do I need to make a reservation for each day I plan to visit?
Yes, reservations will need to be made for each day and park a guest plans to visit. This can be done on that individual park’s website using the barcode on your multi-day ticket.

I want to purchase a multi-day/multi-park ticket. What do I need to do to reserve my day?
Reservations are required for multi-day/multi-park tickets. You can visit one park per day and must make reservations for each day and each park separately.II

I bought my ticket from a travel agent / ticket reseller, can I make reservations using this system?
Yes, if you have a voucher, you are able to make a reservation through the reservation system.

What percentage of the park’s daily capacity will be reservation-based?
100%. All guests will need to have a reservation or dated admission product to visit a park.

What happens if I show up at the park without a reservation?
We strongly discourage guests from visiting the park unless they have a reservation. Guests without reservations will only be permitted to enter if capacity is available and admission is not guaranteed.

Is there an extra charge for using the reservation system?
There is no charge for using the reservation system. The reservation system is a tool we have introduced to help manage capacity so that guests can enjoy a safe and fun experience while maintaining physical distancing.

Can reservations be transferred from one guest to another?
No. Reservations can be cancelled or rebooked at least 24 hours in advanced of the date of the reservation, but they cannot not be transferred to other guests not included on the original reservation.

What happens if I don’t show up for my reservation?
Single day and multi day tickets are non-refundable, but guests may change the reservation date up to 24 hours in advance by calling 407-545-5550. Pass members who are unable to use their reservation are asked to cancel as early as possible by calling 407-545-5550. This allows us to make space available to other guests.  

If a day is completely booked, will there be a wait list
There is not a wait list, however guests should continue to check the reservation site, as inventory may change.

Can I cancel a reservation?
Yes. Single and multi-day tickets are non-refundable, but Guests may change the date of their reservation up to 24 hours in advance by calling 407-545-5550.

I have an experience booked (dining, animal interactions). Do I still need a reservation?
Yes, all guests need a reservation for entry to the park.

I am a guest with a Discovery Cove reservation – how can I use my admission to Aquatica and SeaWorld?
Guests can make a reservation online at the park of their choice using the barcode on their Discovery Cove tickets.

I am a pass member and I want to visit another park at a discounted rate. How do I get a reservation and ticket?
Once a guest’s ticket is purchased in the pass member portal, visit the reservation page for that park to complete the reservation process.

I have a multi-park ticket/annual pass, can I visit two parks in the same day?
In order to allow as many guests as possible to experience the park, we are currently not allowing guests to reserve a visit to two parks on the same day.

My ticket is showing up as not found/expired when I register, what do I do?
Please call us at 407-545-5550 in advance of your visit. Guests without reservations will not be able to enter the park.

What do I need to bring with me to access the park?
Guests visiting will need to bring their original ticket and their photo ID for entry.

How far in advance can I make a reservation?
We are currently allowing guests to make reservations through the end of 2020.

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