SeaWorld’s Antarctica Empire Of The Penguin To Open Next Week

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

SeaWorld’s Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin’s is set for its big launch next week and Orlando Attraction Tickets will be there for the big night.

The new land represents SeaWorld’s biggest ever expansion and they are rightfully excited about the launch. Last week I got this leather bound Expedition Itinerary (pic) through the post detailing our trail and what we should expect.


Going by the Itinerary, we will be at the official launch on the 22nd May.

Today through the post I received this….


1) SeaWorld branded case with the words “Join the Expedition” on it.

2) Two x post cards. One with a Penguin on the front the other with a   picture of Antarctica.

3) A compass….

On the lid of the box are coordinates “28.4108 N, 81.4625 W”, can you guess where these coordinates lead to?

seaworld coordinates

That’s right… SeaWorld…

We will be trying to blog from the event and we’ll try to upload as many photo’s as possible.

So join us for an Expedition of a lifetime…



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