We’ve Just Hit 600 Posts!

Hey Thrill Seekers,

It’s a momentous day here at OAT towers, some might think posting about reaching 500 posts might have been the thing to do… and perhaps in hindsight I probably should have done that… However, today I’m happy to post that we have now added over 600 individual and unique posts to our blog. HOORAY!


The blog is definitely a labour of love, the work that goes into maintaining and making sure that we continue to be up to date and give our readers something different to consume can sometimes be a thankless task but we do it because we simply love theme parks.

Todays post is a bit of cheeky one but it highlights our top 10 most viewed posts of all time.

  1. How to use the FREE shuttle bus service to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
  2. What Is Disney’s My Magic Plus And How Does It Work?
  3. How Much Does It Cost To Park At The Orlando Theme Parks
  4. SeaWorld San Diego To Launch Manta In 2012
  5. How Do E-Tickets Work At SeaWorld Parks
  6. Here’s My 14 Day Orlando Theme Park Plan
  7. Checking Out The New RFID Disney Theme Park Tickets
  8. The Sorting Hat At Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  9. Shop Price’s At Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  10. Introducing The Orlando PassPort

We have plans for the future of the blog that we hope will increase readership. We’re looking to expand the amount of writers and hopefully produce more exclusive content.

Here’s to the next 600 posts.

Smiles included…



Universal Orlando Resort New Video Teaser

Hi Thrill Seekers,

If you were looking for a little bit of inspiration for this years trip to Orlando then I think you’re gonna love the video below.  Universal Orlando Resort have just released a new 60 second advert featuring loads their amazing rides and attractions. You can grab a quick taste of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure or Minion Mayhem and Transformers at Universal Studios! This 60 second video really does pack a punch – I dare you not to want to be there after watching it 🙂

Grab a great deal on Universal Orlando Resort ticket by using the links below;

We expect to see more Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley content soon, as always we’ll keep you posted.




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Introducing The Theme Park Tickets Direct £5 Price Beat

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Here at Theme Park Tickets Direct we love to offer “Tickets with a twist…” unlike other ticket resellers we like to add a little something to our packages to make them unique, for example at the moment we’re offering free Kennedy Space Center Tickets with every combo ticket purchased!

When we looked in to offering a price promise we knew we’d have offer something with a twist… and thats exactly what we’ve done.

Today I’m happy to introduce the themeparkticketsdirect.com Price Beat offer. We’ve decided to go that one step further and instead of looking to match competitors prices we promise to beat them by £5.00 🙂


Here’s the info;

Our Price Beat
If you find a “like for like” package from a UK reseller offering real gate ready tickets cheaper we will not only match the price we’ll beat it by £5.00!!!


  • To qualify for our price beat offer the total cost of the order must be over £500.00.
  • Price beating does not apply to special offers, bundles, holiday packages or offers that include ‘added value’ items
  • In order to price beat we must be able to verify the rate online.
  • Our Price Beat is only available before placing your order, once an order is placed the Price Beat offer will not be available.
  • The ticket being a real ticket, not a voucher or “e-ticket” (in cases where we supply real tickets).
  • We reserve the right to remove any added value products (twist) associated with our ticket offerings.
  • Price Beat is not available against other U.S. Rent A Car Ltd companies.

Contact us
To challenge us to beat a competitors rate you can contact us via these mediums;

Phone – 0845 226 8525
Email – info@themeparkticketsdirect.com
Live Chat – Click here to chat online

We’re excited to be the first attraction tickets company to offer a Price Beat… so don’t just sit there reading, challenge us 🙂

with a twist…


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Need To Recharge At Busch Gardens?

Hi Thrill Seekers,

Not only is Busch Gardens Tampa one of the best theme parks in Florida its (apparently) also the place to go to recharge and relax. Now before you get excited and think that you’ll be getting a foot massage and a cup of herbal tea…its actually a new Relax and recharge stations just opened in association with Southwest Airlines.


The Recharge and Relax stations offer customer the chance to sit down, get out of the sun, relax and plug in and recharge their cell/mobile phones free of charge.  However, you will need to supply your own phone charger.

The Relax and recharge stations are located outside the Desert Grill. Next time you are there give them a try…that is assuming you can get a space as I imagine having the option to charge your mobile device free of charge will be pretty popular.






How to get a Busch Gardens Ticket:

Busch Gardens Tickets are currently available as part of a 3 for the price of 2 park SeaWorld, Aquatica & Busch Gardens Ticket at Orlando Attraction Tickets.

Travel Info

If you are based in Orlando for your holiday and dont fancy driving down to Tampa you’ll be please to hear that free transportation if included within the 3 for 2 SeaWorld, Aquatica & Busch gardens ticket – click here for details


Orlando Attraction Tickets Blog Hits 400 Unique Posts

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Its just like the title states, Friday was our 400th Unique post on smiles includedattraction-tickets.info and we’re pretty proud of this. 2013 has been our most prolific writing year and the visits to the site support that content is king.

The rise of the blog has been pretty plain to see, since its inception in September 2010 before we became part of Orlando Attraction Tickets we were writing about anything theme park related, by the end of 2010 we had had only 1516 unique visits… In 2011 we began to refine our work to the U.S. and on a bad month we were hitting 1516 unique visitors, so by the end of the year we had blown the previous years visitors well out of the water.

2012 saw us double the traffic from 2011 and this was even though our output decreased. This year has again seen us double our visitors and this has definitely coincided with our increase in the amount of posts.

Although I have written the majority of the posts this year I’ve had help in the forms of Frank, Karl and Rachel. Its great to have a different perspective writing on the blog and some of my favourite posts have been from these guys.

Below is a list of our top 10 most visited posts of all time.

  1. How to use the FREE shuttle bus service to Busch Gardens
  2. SeaWorld San Diego To Launch Manta In 2012
  3. The Sorting Hat At Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  4. Shop Price’s At Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  5. Introducing The Orlando PassPort
  6. Orlando Thrill Theme Park Unveils 14 Ride Idea’s
  7. Here’s My 14 Day Orlando Theme Park Plan
  8. Ollivanders – In The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter 
  9. How Do E-Tickets Work At SeaWorld Parks
  10. What Is Disney’s FASTPASS & Can I Use It?

We’re looking forward to continuing to post in 2014 and hope we can break some more theme park stories in the future.

Smiles included…



It just be raining iPods…and stuff!

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Recently I was lucky enough to find myself at Busch Gardens in lostTampa Bay. During a brief chat with one of the Busch Gardens team we got onto the subject of stuff that people often lose on the roller coasters. Well, when I say lose, I actually mean stuff that has just fallen from people’s pockets in the middle of being loop da looped and spun around at zero gravity! I was surprised at some of the things that people don’t actually secure when they ride some of the awesome coasters like Cheetah Hunt, Gwazi and Kumba.

Here is a list of the things that turn up in the safety nets;

  • Phones
  • iPods
  • Money
  • A shoe
  • Sunglasses
  • Cameras
  • Make up
  • Chewing gum
  • Wallet
  • Headwear

If you are unlucky enough to lose something on a ride at Busch Gardens you can find the lost and found in the Moroccan Village. If you only notice once you leave the park then feel free to email BGA.lostandfound@buschgardens.com. Include any relevant information on the item that was lost, and the date which you visited the park and a representative from Security will correspond with you via email.

However I guess the moral of this post is basically don’t lose your stuff. Remember that there are places to store your items when you board the rides, use them.

Here is the information you’ll need if you plan on visiting Busch Gardens;

Busch Gardens is included within the following tickets

Top Tip: Busch Gardens offers FREE transport from Orlando. Check out the following post for more details: How to use the free shuttle bus service to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Car Rental: Alternatively for those that like to make their own way to the parks you can find cheap Florida car hire via our partner website usrentacar.co.uk

Thanks for reading,

Smiles included…


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Follow us on Instagram and win 2GB penguin shaped flash drive!


Afternoon thrill seekers!

How would you like to win a 2GB SeaWorld Penguin shaped flash drive?

One of the great things about working with Orlando theme parks and attractions is that everything just looks so cool in a photo!

Orlando Attraction Tickets have launched our Instagram account and will be doing our best to post as much theme park eye candy as possible.

To mark the launch of the account we are running a little ‘FREE give a way’ – How would you like to get your hands on a SeaWorld Penguin shaped Flash Drive?

Its simple, here’s what you have to do;

1) Follow us on Instagram (search ‘orlandoattractiontickets on Instagram, click ‘follow’)
2) Become a Insta-star; simply email or ‘@’ us your favourite holiday snap from one of the  theme parks in Florida – we will then re-post it on our account.

(email@ karlh@orlandoattractiontickets.co.uk)

Be A Winner!

The first 15 people will win 2GB SeaWorld ‘Antacrtica’ Penguin Flash Drive. You can use them to store all your future holiday pics or videos on! cool eh?


Naturally there are a few rules. Please note that stocks are very limited so get in quick to win. We can only send them within the UK. By sending us your holiday snap you give us permission to post that image online. You need to have the Instagram app on your smart phone to enter.

So what are you waiting for – Follow Orlando Attraction Tickets on Instagram for your Orlando theme park eye candy 🙂

Good luck!


PS.  You will need to have Instagram on your smartphone to enter. You can download Instagram for free at the Apple App Store for Iphone or via Google Play for Andriod phones.

Cheetah Hunt Build Update

Straight off the SeaWorld blog a great look at the construction of Busch Gardens, Cheetah Hunt.

Cheetah Hunt Tower
Cheetah Hunt
Cheetah Hunt

As you can see by these images the ride is really beginning to take shape and is on course for the ambitious spring 2011 launch, rumoured to be in May.

What Do You Do If You Are Stuck On A Roller Coaster?

Hi Thrill Seekers,

What do you do if you are stuck on a Roller Coaster?

Here’s a few tips to help stay calm in the event you’re ever stuck on a ride, whether it’s a dark ride or a roller coaster.

  • Don’t panic – Panic and you’ll make the situation worse. Don’t scream for help because you’re wasting your breath. The ride operators know you are out there and they will bring you down whether the ride can be restarted or not.
  • Think positive – You aren’t alone. You’re probably stuck with your friends, so chat about things to get your mind off the fact you’re stuck and to make time pass by.
  • Pay attention – If you do get evacuated from the ride, follow the employee’s directions. If the employee tells you to remain seated until they get to your seat, don’t stand up.
  • Stay cool – Once you’re off the ride and back on the ground, chances are the park will give you something to “reimburse” you for the time you were stuck on the ride, however it’s not a guarantee.
  • Keep a level head and don’t blow up and blame the employees because you got stuck. Mechanical shut downs happen all the time.

We hope you never get stuck on a coaster but its always handy to know what to do.



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Theme Parks and Augmented Reality

Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough blogs about Theme Park related Iphone Apps another one turns up.

Realparx claims to be the first company to mix augmented reality with Theme Parks to allow the customer an alternative way to navigate theme parks without having to constantly refer to a map.

The realparx app claims it will allow users to locate rides, shows, restaurants, toilets and shops by simply scanning their surroundings with their mobile.

Users will also have the ability to store locations that they wish to visit at a later date, for instance a ride that had a long queue. The app will also have integration with Facebook and Twitter allowing the user to share information with friends.

REALPARX for Guests

REALPARX lets users:

  • Navigate parks and attractions using AR. After launching the REALPARX app, users scan the surroundings. Digital titles appear and change in real time to match what the camera captures, allowing users to locate facilities and points of interest such as rides, show locations, restaurants, restrooms and shops.
  • Capture photos with AR data tags and geotags. With REALPARX, instead of a photo of someone simply standing in front of a rollercoaster or a water slide, users can include the name of the attraction in the photo without the physical sign.
  • Post pictures with AR data tags to Twitter and Facebook. Guests can share pictures and comments immediately.
  • Geotag an item—give it a title and description—to find it again later or show in a photo. Throughout the day, the geotag will appear in the viewfinder so guests can see where they are in proximity to the tagged item. Popular items to geotag include a car in a parking lot, a hot spot to meet for lunch, a favorite ride or a store with a favorite souvenir to purchase later in the day.