Merlin confirm they would be interested in purchasing Busch Gardens Tampa

Hey Thrill Seekers,

We discussed recently the rumour that SeaWorld were looking to bring in outside financial advisors to help with either a sale or a reorganisation of its assets.

Well one such asset which might be available is Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens Tampa situated approx. an hour away from the thrills of Orlando is extremely popular with UK visitors and blends a mixture of animal attractions plus massive thrill rides. Its also one of our personal favourite parks.

If the park was to be made available for purchase one of the first companies to be interest would be Merlin, owners of LEGOLAND Florida.

First reported on the excellent Skift  travel news website and speaking after the company’s first-half results, Merlin chief financial officer Anne-Francoise Nesmes said;

It takes two parties to do a deal so we do not know what SeaWorld’s intentions are but we do believe that those assets [Busch Gardens] are interesting and we could certainly do a lot with them particularly around accommodation, so to us it’s about having the right discussion with a willing partner and making sure we have the right financial return

Obviously this is purely speculation and of course Merlin would be interested in picking up Busch Gardens, I’m sure they wont be the only ones. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment are due to release their second quarter results next week and they could perhaps hold the key to what the future holds for Busch Gardens. At the moment we hear they’re interested in opening an on-site hotel and altering an existing ride into an indoors dark ride.

We’ll keep you updated.

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Busch Garden’s Top Attraction’s 2016

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Without a shadow of a doubt Falcons Fury is your favourite attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa and why wouldn’t it be?

Falcons Fury is the first drop coaster of its kind in the whole world! It stands at 335 feet tall and riders will travel at speeds of up to 60mph whilst diving towards earth – exactly like a Falcon.


When at the top of Falcons Fury, Busch Gardens have added a little extra surprise for you.. (if you haven’t been yet and don’t like spoilers skip the next three lines) You will pivot 90 degrees whilst in mid air resulting in you being face down – in a dive position. Then the next thing you know you’ll be hurtling towards the ground at crazy speeds – probably screaming all the way.

Second Place: Cheetah Hunt – This multiple launch coaster will push you back in to your seat many times with three accelerations and super quick twists and turns throughout the 3 and a half minute sprint.


Third Place: SheiKra – An incredible dive coaster. You’ll head 200 feet upwards, have 4 seconds to take in the view and then plummet straight back down at 90 degrees reaching up to 70mph!

Fourth Place: Congo River Rapids – This is a white water rafting experience like no other. You’ll travel in and out of mysterious caves and just hope that your side of the raft doesn’t get soaked by the waterfalls!! (unless it’s a really hot day then you’ll be hoping for the opposite!)

Fifth Place: Montu – A wicked coaster for any thrill seeker. Seven inversions, a batwing inversion, vertical loop, weightless roll and a simultaneous loop and roll.. You are sure to be blown away by this extreme coaster!

Yet again it has been proved that OAT thrill seekers are by far the most brave and daring by choosing Falcons Fury as the favourite attraction at Busch Gardens. (waaaay more brave than our own Kelly who bottled Falcons Fury when she visited!)

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Cobra’s Curse At Busch Gardens Tampa In Numbers

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Today Busch Gardens Tampa revealed even more about the release of their upcoming family coaster Cobra’s Curse. Not quite a launch date like their sister company SeaWorld did the other day but some more stat’s.

Here’s the low down;

Maximum Speed: 40 mph

Ride Length: More than 2,100 feet of track, 70 total track segments

Ride Duration: More than three and a half minutes

Seats: Up to 8 trains at a time, with 8 riders per train

Height Requirement: 48 inches to ride alone, 42 inches with parent or guardian

Ride Experience: The Cobra’s Curse ride experience unfolds in chapters: First, you will be facing forward for the first third of the ride and then be turned backwards for the second segment. Finally, for the final third of the ride, you’ll free spin into frenzy.

cobras curse

Queue Line: The air-conditioned queue line features an exhibit with live snakes, interactive elements and projection mapping technology to tell the story of the Snake King.

Snake Icon: 30,000 lb. in weight,  80-feet tall,  Four-foot-long fangs,  Three-foot-wide eyes,  This massive structure was constructed of nine stackable pieces. It has an internal steel spine and an outer shell composed of carved foam and fiberglass.

First Vertical Lift: The first experience on this ride is a lift that is one of a kind! This vertical lift functions in a similar way to an outdoor elevator and will take riders up in their coaster car to put them face- to-fang with the 80-foot Snake King.

Second Vertical Lift: The three-and-a-half-minute ride will also feature a second inclined lift that positions riders or the free-spin finale of the ride.

Location: Egypt area of Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay

Manufacturer: MACK Rides, Waldkrich, Germany

Looks like this is going to be a great family coaster, a waltzer in the air!!

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Cobra’s Curse Update

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Busch Gardens Tampa have provided us with another update on their soon to be unveiled spinning coaster Cobra’s Curse.


On site, the block walls for the maintenance building are complete and roof trusses have been installed. The ride track in the station and maintenance have been set as well. Last week, Busch Gardens temporarily closed down the Egyptian area of the park so they could install underground utilities and pour new pathways.

Busch Gardens also told us that fan favourite Montu will get some tender love and care while this area is closed. Once its re-opened we are expecting a very different looking area.



That winding s-curve motion is what propels snakes forward. Those same curves of the ride track will cause the ride vehicles to spin wildly through the ride course. The more ride track they set, the more the winding ride layout takes shape. You can see in these photos how the ride snakes itself through trenches and buildings


Busch Gardens told us that the focus for next month will be the assembly of the vertical lift and stair tower. This vertical lift is a one-of-a-kind design that acts much like an outdoor elevator lifting guests up 70 feet to begin ride journey.


I love watching attractions come together and we’ll continue to update you on their progress during the upcoming months.

Kind regards,


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Check Out These New Images Of Busch Gardens Cobra’s Curse

Hey Thrill Seekers,

At least once every hour I look outside my office window and think… I wish I was in Florida… Well today I doubly wish I was there as IAAPA kicked off just a couple of hours ago.

IAAPA is the largest international trade association for amusement parks, attractions, and other leisure and family entertainment facilities. Basically its where all the cool attractions, coasters and rides get displayed to the industry. It’s pretty much my equivalent of a “kid in a candy shop”.

The real interest for us was an update on Cobra’s Curse, the spinning family coaster set to open at Busch Gardens Tampa next year. The company who are building the coaster, Mack Rides, took the opportunity to reveal a great looking model of the coaster.

11248945_10153763693248493_6686609396639584141_n 12246905_10153763701733493_6281169135139019305_n (1) 12274704_10153763701718493_5121983175982945288_n (1) 12243581_10153763701988493_7045880078829648376_n 12250036_10153763701938493_7229605201491188393_n

What this model shows us

  • Did you notice the “outward-banked turn” that puts riders perilously close to the jaws of the monstrous, 80-foot-tall statue of the snake king Venymyss?
  • Wondering what that tower is? Each train is lifted vertically, to a height of 70 feet!
  • During the three-and-a-half-minute ride, the coaster trains speed along at 40 mph, spinning backward, forward and then freely
  • Each train spins randomly, with frequency and direction determined by the rider weight distribution.

I can’t wait to be able to ride Cobra’s Curse, 2016 looks like its going to be a great year to head to Florida.

Smiles included…


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Busch Gardens Release Cobra’s Curse Construction Video

Hey Thrill Seekers,

2016 will see the introduction of Busch Gardens spinning family coaster Cobra’s Curse, today Busch released a short video update shown below;

As you can see from the video above construction is well underway. Cobra’s Curse is a spin coaster with a twist, you start your ride facing forward weaving in and out of the sites, the car is then span 180 degrees so you ride backwards on to a second lift, which triggers the car to the spin, the spin is controlled by the riders via weight distribution.

The video also shows the new logo for the ride;

cobras curse logo

The addition of Cobra’s Curse is a great move to allow families to ride together, known for its extreme rides the introduction of Cobra’s Curse looks to be a good move.

We’ll keep you updated.

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Christmas Town Returns to Busch Gardens Tampa!

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Recently I became a hate figure in the industry for being one of the first to blog about Christmas, even though we are barely into September!  See post regarding Universal Orlando Resort Holiday Line up

Not that I like the abuse but I fear I am going to add to it now as Busch Gardens have just announced that Christmas Town will be returning this year too!


Here’s what their release said…

The Tampa Bay area’s biggest Christmas celebration returns to Busch Gardens Tampa this holiday season.

Christmas Town™ will take place 20 selects dates between Nov. 27 through Dec. 31.  New this year, the cheer keeps going until 10 p.m. every event night. The event is included with park admission.

Christmas Town creates beautiful family traditions for guests as Busch Gardens is transformed into a holiday wonderland with more than a million twinkling lights, Christmas entertainment, live music, festive treats and holiday shopping.

The park will be filled with cheery surprises including Santa’s House presented by Coca-Cola®, where guests can meet the big man himself as he takes a break from his busy holiday schedule to take photos with families in his private study.

Although it is early to post about Christmas I have to say that Busch Gardens Christmas Town is one of those events that give ‘s you as nice warm feeling inside!

If you are lucky enough to be in Orlando at that time then there is still plenty of time to grab a ticket for Christmas Town. Just head over to our sponsor for details.

Access to Christmas Town is included within the following tickets;


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Busch Gardens Tampa Confirms New Family Coaster Cobra’s Curse

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Firstly SeaWorld announces its new MAKO Coaster and now Busch Gardens confirms they too are launching a new ride, Cobra’s Curse (as we reported yesterday).

The new ride is described by Busch Gardens as a unique ride, very repeatable and a perfect fit for their theme park portfolio.  The ideal attraction for family and friends to ride together. It will launch in 2016.


Mack will be building the ride, focused on the family and thrills. Cobra’s Curse will have a 42″ rider limit and will feature an 8 seater passenger train, 4 rows, 2 per people per row.


It will feature a Vertical 70 feet, drop in to serengeti plain. Cobra’s Curse is a spin coaster with a twist, you start your ride facing forward weaving in and out of the sites, the car is then span 180 degrees so you ride backwards on to a second lift, which triggers the car to the spin, the spin is controlled by the riders via weight distribution.


The ride will last 3 and half minutes long meaning that 1000 people per hour can ride it. Visitors will Queue through Tut’s Tomb which will be air conditioned.

Cobra’s Curse Facts

Ride Height: Approx. 70 feet.

Ride Length: Over 2000 feet of track.

Maximum Speed: over 40mph.

It looks like this could be a great ride for the family and possibly something Busch Gardens has been missing!?

What do you think?

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Would You Like Tempesto At Busch Gardens Tampa

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Ever since Busch Gardens announced and closed their wooden roller coaster Gwazi, we’ve been guess-timating  what they could possible put there in its place.

Well on the 25 April 2015 Busch Gardens Williamsburg will reveal TEMPESTO!!! A back and forward roller coaster…

Check out this video…

Daredevils wanted is the rides tagline, is this something you’d like to see at Busch Gardens Tampa?

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Serengeti Railway Temporarily Closed As Busch Gardens Tampa Begins Work On A New Ride

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Busch Gardens Tampa today confirmed that their Serengeti Railway attraction has been shut down (and will be relocated) to make way for a new attraction coming in 2016. We reported earlier this year that Busch Gardens had applied for planning permission to expand parts of their Egyptian themed land and it looks like they’ve got permission and are plowing forward.

Unofficially we’ve heard that Serengeti Safari will be down for 8 weeks while a new track is laid.


Busch Gardens haven’t mentioned what the new attraction will be but industry experts believe that it will be a large family orientated coaster. Theme Park Insider are suggesting that the new attraction will be built by Mack Coasters, the German based company who have been designing and constructing amusement rides since 1780!

As Busch Gardens Tampa haven’t offered any information regarding what the new attraction will be we can only speculate. In the past Mack Coaster have been responsible for rides such as Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls & Storm Force Accelatron both at Islands of Adventure, you can get a real feel of what they offer by checking out there online offering here –

When we learn more you guys will be the first to know…

Smiles included…