Discovery Cove Black Friday Deal!

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Who loves a bargain?! That’s right… YOU! So look no further, check out these amazing Black Friday prices for the Discovery Cove packages and the Discovery Cove Ultimate packages!

Never been to Discovery Cove before? Then if I were you i’d definitely take this opportunity to snap up a great deal and visit the most relaxing park in Orlando!

Discovery Cove, an exquisite tropical island paradise. Restricted to a capacity of about 1300 guests a day, it’s a rare opportunity to set your own pace and relax away from the hustle and bustle of traditional attractions. Swim with a dolphin (Swim option only, non swim tickets will not include Dolphin encounter), snorkel amongst tropical fish, glide with rays and relax on white sand beaches. Hand feed exotic birds in the colourful aviary, paddle along the crystal clear tropical river and soak up every moment of this blissful day. Put away your watch, kick off your shoes, and enjoy an indulgent experience to the full. Life is good! It’s all about a day of wonderful discovery and a lifetime of memories. 

Here are some recent reviews from our customers about Discovery Cove:

Mr Daniel Hughes:
Amazing! Great day at Discovery Cove and didn”t want it to end! Loved the all inclusive alcohol!

Mr Stephen West:
Amazing day – my favourite place to visit in Orlando. Very peaceful, with loads to do and now includes free food and drink all day. Ticket so includes entry to sea world, which has probably got the best roller coasters in Orlando.

Miss Georgia Cunnington:
Most incredible day, took my friend as a surprise for her 21st birthday and it was such a magical day!!!

Discovery Cove is an all-inclusive experience includes unlimited access to:  

  • Grand Reef
  • Ray Lagoon 
  • Free-Flight Aviary 
  • Freshwater Oasis

Along with use of a mask, snorkel, wetsuit/vest, towels, lockers, beach umbrellas, sun loungers and hammocks, all day self parking, a continental breakfast, sumptuos buffet lunch and all drinks and snacks are included throughout the day.  You’ll also receive a pass to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens.  (Busch Gardens only included with the Ultimate package) which is valid for 14 consecutive days admission before or after your visit to Discovery Cove. 
The Ultimate Package will also include free parking!!

As Discovery Cove only allow 1300 guests per day this deal is likely to sell out quickly!! Book your tickets here.

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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s Retired Attractions

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Of course, we have looked at Disney and Universal’s retired attractions so there is only one other place to look…SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment! Anheuser Busch (better known as Budweiser, Abby’s favourite drink) bought SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment in 1989.

During the ownership time’s of Anheuser Busch, there was a hospitality lounge where you would get free beer samples and be able to see Clydesdales whilst sipping your beer!

In 1992 they introduced their first simulator ride to SeaWorld Orlando, Mission: Bermuda Triangle, based on the real life Bermuda Triangle (Devil’s Triangle). This was then re-themed into Wild Arctic which was combined with the amazing animal exhibit when you exit the ride. Here you can view the gorgeous Beluga whales and walruses.

Wild Arctic is also known for having seasonal changes every so often including turning into The Polar Express at Christmas time! Although this wasn’t seen last year, you never know if it will return! I hope so because I love The Polar Express!

SeaWorld used to have a fairly large penguin habitat which was upgraded into Antarctica: The Empire of the Penguin a trackless dark ride in 2013. You’ll meet Puck the Penguin and be able to follow him on his adventures around the Antarctic. You can even choose whether you would like a ‘mild’ or ‘wild’ experience!

Once you disembark from the ride, you’ll enter into the breathtaking penguin exhibit. When I say breathtaking, it literally will take your breath away with the freezing cold as well as the beautiful penguins! Some might call this a ‘2 for 1’ attraction, with the ride and the animal exhibit. Another 2 for 2 attraction is Manta. It opened in 2009 and has one of, if not the smoothest tracks in the world and is a one-of-a-kind ride with riders taunted by a head-first, face-down inverted nose dive. At the end of the ride you have the Manta Aquarium and the Stingray Lagoon.

SeaWorld is also known for it’s many stunning shows. The most popular and well known show has got to be One Ocean where you can capture Orca’s performing the most amazing flips and somersaults. One Ocean opened in 2011 after Believe was there from 2006.

Over in Tampa Bay, you can visit Busch Gardens which is also part of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment!

Python was the park’s first roller coaster that opened in 1976 with corckscrew and U-turns. Python was demolished in 2006 to make way for Jungala.

Busch Gardens also had African Queen Boat Ride which closed in 1989 to make way for Tanganyika Tidal Wave which is still in the parks to date so you can get a soaking on a hot, sunny day!  Crazy Camel was a coaster that closed in 2003 to be replaced by Sand Serpent which is also still around today.

Sandstormer was an oribter ride that was running from 1980 all the way through to 2013 before they took it down to make way for Falcons Fury which opened in 2014. Not only that, but there was Rhino Rally that opened in 2001, another water boat ride but this one was closed down for Cheetah Hunt to open in 2011.

The one ride that most people know about closing down in 2015 has to be Gwazi. I think me and Gwazi had a love hate relationship like most people! At 90 feet tall it was the park’s only wooden roller coaster!


SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment also own Aquatica and Discovery Cove however Aquatica being their newest park, nothing has yet been replaced and Discovery Cove is already perfect just the way it is! 🙂

What else can you think of that’s no longer at any of these parks that maybe you’re happy are no longer there, or that you’re sad to see them gone?

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Discovery Cove’s Top Attraction’s 2016

Hey Thrill Seekers,

The top attraction at Discovery Cove for 2016 was a no brainer. Of course it was Dolphin Lagoon. This may have something to do with the once in a life time opportunity to swim with dolphins!

If you opt for the swim package at Discovery Cove you get the incredible experience of meeting, interacting and swimming with a beautiful bottlenose dolphin in Dolphin Lagoon. This will definitely be the highlight of your day and maybe even your whole holiday!

discovery cove

From the feedback we have received by those of you who have visited Discovery Cove I can see why it has come out on top and put perfectly by one of our customers who recently visited:

” The most wonderful day. Can”t put into words how enjoyable the whole day was. Swimming with the dolphins is just an incredible experience.”

Second Place: Dolphin Swim Experience – Takes place within Dolphin Lagoon – a unforgettable experience!

Third Place: Grand Reef – Snorkel with thousands of fish, rays and sharks in this 2.5 acre tropical world.


Fourth Place: Wind Away River – This is one of the most relaxing things to do when in Orlando – my tip is to grab one of the floats before embarking on your adventure for full relaxation!

Fifth Place: Explorers Aviary – A fantastic opportunity to feed beautiful birds right from the palm of your hands.

I am sooo jealous of anyone who had the chance to visit and swim with dolphins this year but in my opinion you voted a very respectable winner!

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A day at Discovery Cove

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Ever wondered what it’s actually like at Discovery Cove? Well wonder no more! A lot of people assume it’s just a park that you can visit if you want to swim with the dolphins. Wrong! There is so much more at Discovery Cove that will amaze you from start to finish.

The park only allow 1300 guests per day so you don’t get the overcrowding, meaning less stress and a great place to relax.

Swimming with the dolphins is completely optional as we offer non swim packages as well as swim packages. If you select the non swim package you will be able to do everything in the park other than go in the dolphin lagoon. If you select the swim package, you will be allocated a time slot to go down and be introduced to your trainer. They will then walk you down to the dolphin lagoon so you can meet your dolphin, kiss them, hug them and rub them before experiencing your once in a lifetime, one-on-one swim.


Why not head over to the grand reef and snorkel with some of the most beautiful fish and if you’re brave enough, come face to face with a shark underwater (behind glass of course). If you like exploring you can take a peek at the reef’s islands and hidden grotto’s.

Discovery Cove have their freshwater oasis where you can get up close and personal with otters and marmosets while wading, wandering and floating around the water-filled trails. You will be able to see some amazing discoveries the more you search.

Visit the free-flight aviary and feed some of the beautiful, tropical birds while they soar above and around you in their natural habitat.


Float around the wind-away river past the sandy beaches, through the rain forest, beneath the waterfalls and through the underwater cave. Behind the waterfalls you will also find yourself in part of the aviary with the birds flying all around you.

Don’t forget, Discovery Cove is all inclusive so you can take advantage of the unlimited food and drink (alcoholic too, believe it or not) at the Laguna Grill. Along with you day at Discovery Cove you will also receive your complimentary hire of a mask, snorkel, wetsuit/vest, towels, lockers, beach umbrellas, sun loungers and hammocks.

Now what reason could you possibly have that would make you not want to visit Discovery Cove? I’m pretty sure there’s no reason at all, so get yourself down there 😉

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Make Your Orlando Holiday Even More Special

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Already purchased your park admission tickets? Looking to add something extra to make your experience that little bit more special? Then these park extra’s will be just the thing for you.

Most of the parks offer you opportunities to do something a little different during your visit. From eating your dinner with Shamu to trekking along the reef floor there is something for everyone.

 Disney VIP Character Breakfast – What’s a more magical way to start your day than having breakfast with loads of your favourite Disney characters? You’re right, there isn’t one! This once in a lifetime opportunity takes place at Disney’s Contemporary Resort which is opposite Magic Kingdom.

 You will be collected from your hotel or villa in style by either a 5* stretched limousine or a brand new state-of the-art Mercedes Sprinter Limousine – your exact pick up time will be advised locally. The Disney VIP Character Breakfast operates every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Breakfast takes place between 8:00am and 9:00am and consists of a all you can eat hot and cold buffet accompanied by fresh breads and pastries. When you have finished your magical breakfast you can choose to either be returned to your accommodation or if you started as you mean to go on you will have the option to use the Disney Monorail System or even be taken to Universal CityWalk for easy access to Universal Studios or Universal’s Islands of Adventure. What a great chance to meet and spend some quality time with some of your favourite Disney Characters including Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy!!


Disney VIP Character Dinner – Not really an early bird? Then perhaps the Disney VIP Character Dinner is best suited to you. You will be collected between 1.00pm – 3.30pm and returned in style by either a stretched limousine or Mercedes Sprinter from your hotel or villa (there’s even free champagne for the journey!!) Firstly you will be taken to Downtown Disney where you have around 1 hour 45 minutes to have a mooch about. You’ll then be picked up again between 4.15pm – 5.45pm where your next stop is Chef Mickeys for your amazing character dinner! For your meal you can choose from roast chicken, carved beef, pasta, savoury sides and lots of kids favourites such as mac & cheese but save room for pudding as you will then have the chance to create your own mega sundae and customise it how you want. Making this experience even more incredible, all of your favourite Disney characters will be there too! Get as many photos and autographs as you can and even join in some songs and dances if your not too full from your delicious meal. You even get a complimentary dinner photo!



Over at SeaWorld they offer a range of extras that you can purchase in addition to your admission tickets which will make your experience even more unforgettable.

SeaWorld All Day Dining – Definitely the tastiest and most cost effective way to keep your bellies full throughout your visit to SeaWorld is the All Day Dining Deal. This ticket will allow you to eat at loads of different restaurants ALL DAY as many times as you like until they close.

Dine With Shamu – Now this is something that is a MUST when visiting SeaWorld. This memorable family dining experience allows you to be Shamu’s VIP guest, you will enjoy a delicious meal from a huge menu choice. This behind the scenes experience permits you to eat your dinner alongside some of the worlds most fascinating creatures and you get the chance to see the beautiful killer whales interacting with their trainers up close and personal.


SeaWorld Behind The Scenes Tour  A once in a lifetime opportunity to go behind the scenes in SeaWorld. Trust me, you will learn sooo much! The tour lasts around 90 minutes. A specialist SeaWorld rep will be your ultimate tour guide and will take you on a journey to discover how SeaWorld rescue and care for their animals such as turtles and manatees. You may even get the chance to interact with a small shark or touch a penguin!

SeaWorld Private VIP Tour – Want to feel like SeaWorld Royalty for a day? Well now you can. Equipped with your very own tour guide, SeaWorld’s VIP private tour gives you access to jump to the front of the queue on all your favourite rides, get the best seats in the house for the incredible shows, feed dolphins, sea lions and stingrays, interact with a penguin and small shark and eat at Sharks Underwater Grill. This 7 hour tour is an amazing opportunity to be a VIP for a day!


SeaWorld Signature Show Seating This ticket will allow you to not one, not two but THREE one-time reserved seats for SeaWorld’s most popular shows in the following venues: Shamu Stadium, Dolphin Theatre and Seaport Theatre. The best way to ensure you get to see all of the fantastic shows SeaWorld has to offer.


Aquatica Banana Beach All Day Dining – The best dining option for your day chilling in the pools and whizzing down the slides at Aquatica would definitely be the all day dining deal. With this ticket you’re able to visit Banana Beach – home to a delicious buffet – an unlimited amount of times during the day. The varied menu consists of pizzas, pulled pork, chicken, mac n’ cheese, hot dogs and many many sides and desserts. YUM. Not having to worry about carrying soggy money around with you for food and drinks throughout the day leaves more time to enjoy the great attractions Aquatica has to offer.

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens All Day Dining – Go for the all day dining deal at Busch Gardens and you definitely won’t be going hungry! Enjoy all the food and drink you want at the participating restaurants in Busch Gardens and visit them as many times as you can stomach throughout the day.

Busch Gardens Serengeti Safari – A once in a lifetime opportunity to come face to face with some of the planets most stunning animals. This 30 minute open air safari expedition takes you out to the Serengeti and gives you an amazing opportunity to hand feed giraffes, meet zebras and antelopes all in their own habitats. This is any animal lovers (like me) dream and will definitely be one unforgettable experience. This is a very popular tour so remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment!


Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove SeaVenture – Over at Discovery Cove you can purchase an add on to your experience. SeaVenture is an underwater walking tour where you will wander across the Grand Reef wearing a Dive helmet – no SCUBA certification needed. Each step you take feels like you are walking on the moon (just surrounded by fish and not stars) and around each corner will you will discover new animals such as lionfish and velvet rays and even be able to touch unique sea life whilst schools of fish feed around you. The best bit? Coming face to face with sharks!! (albeit through a panoramic window) The whole experience lasts around an hour, with the actual underwater tour lasting 25 minutes you’ll feel right at home in the reef.


Park admission is required alongside all of these extra’s with the exception of Disney’s VIP character breakfast and dinner.

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You Can Now Book Discovery Cove For 2017

Hey Thrill Seekers,

It really is the season to be jolly… Last week we were able to announce that we’ve been able to place Universal 2 Park Tickets on sale for 2017! Today we’re able to confirm that Discovery Cove is also now on sale for 2017!

This is easily the earliest time I have ever known Discovery Cove to be placed on sale. The tropical paradise is one of Florida’s must visit attractions. It only allows 1300 people in per day and has been responsible for more people ticking off Swim with the Dolphins from their bucket lists than elves in Santa’s workshop.

discovery cove trip

Discovery Cove offer two options, the first is the Discovery Cove Package which can be purchased with or without a dolphin Swim, included in this package is 14 days unlimited access to SeaWorld & Aquatica. The second option is the Discovery Cove Ultimate Package, again this can be purchased with or without a dolphin swim, this package also includes 14 days unlimited access to SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens.

2017 places can be secured with a £10 per person deposit with the balance due 8 weeks prior to departure.

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Day 3 – Discovery Cove

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Every day this week we’ve been eagerly awaiting a Snap from our very own Louise who is currently on Holiday in Florida. A Snap is one of the features of our new iPhone app which we launched last week.

A Snap is a great way of sharing your Orlando moments with friends, family and in Louise’s case, work colleagues. You can view Louise’s other Snap’s here Day 1 and Day 2.

Day 3 was particularly special for Louise as it was her first ever visit to Discovery Cove and a chance for her to fulfil her lifelong ambition to swim with a dolphin.


To say Louise was excited is an understatement OMG, Best Day Ever and I Love IT were just a few of the adjectives she used to describe her day. As you can see from the Snap above Louise and her new friend Catolina got on very well…

You can download the app by visiting the app store and searching Orlando Attraction Tickets or alternatively you can click here.

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Discovery Cove Turns 15 This Summer – Here’s 10 Top Facts

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Award winning attraction Discovery Cove, the only place in Orlando where visitors can swim with dolphins, celebrates turning 15 this summer.

Amongst the millions of guests that have visited Discovery Cove to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience of swimming with dolphins, Orlando’s all-inclusive hidden paradise – twice voted the world’s top amusement park in the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards – has also welcomed a host of celebrity fans including Olympic diver Tom Daley, One Direction star Liam Payne and footballer John Terry.

DC - Liam Payne

The park’s lush tropical setting has been used for more than 3,000 marriage proposals since it in opened in 2000 – that’s approximately 200 a year on average – many of which were made with the help of a playful bottlenose dolphin.

Discovery Cove’s leading veterinarians have also helped deliver 29 dolphin babies over the last 15 years and have even performed the world’s first C-section operation on shark which saw the successful birth of four whitetip reef sharks.

As part of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment’s Fun2Fund campaign, $2 for every SeaWorld Parks Extra booked – including Discovery Cove’s underwater safari, SeaVenture – is donated to the non-profit SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund which benefits wildlife conservation projects across the globe.

DC - Tom Daley

Discovery Cove Top 10 Facts

  1. The Grand Reef contains more than 10,000 animals, representing 125 different species of fish, rays and shark and close to a million gallons of water.
  2. Research shows 90% of visitors have a greater commitment to conservation following a day at Discovery Cove.
  3. Discovery Cove sees some visitors returning to the park as often as possible. One family has even visited the park more than 50 times.
  4. With the help of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, more than 3,000 proposals have been delivered and more than 8,000 birthday surprises have been shared.
  5. Some incredible celebrities have visited the park including; Chelsea Footballer, John Terry, Olympic bronze medallist, Tom Daley and One Directions, Liam Payne.
  6. A total of 29 dolphins have been born at Discovery Cove since the park opened in 2000. The newest addition is Reef, who is a female calf of Coral.
  7. In September 2009, Discovery Cove welcomed its first lesser anteater into the world. The female was born via C-section and was the parks first operation of this nature on an anteater.
  8. In July 2013, the expert team at Discovery Cove performed a ground-breaking C-section procedure on a whitetip reef shark which resulted in the birth of four live and healthy pups – the first operation of its kind in the world.
  9. The Discovery Cove zoological team actively participates in animal conservation projects around the world. From dolphin research off the coast of the U.S. to work in Africa with African Ground Hornbills.
  10. Discovery Cove was named No.1 amusement park in the world in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards in 2013 and 2014.

Discovery Cove is an amazing day and something that you’ll never forget. You can make reservations at Orlando Attraction Tickets. Please note that as a boutique park places are limited, book early to avoid disappointment.

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Orlando Attraction Tickets Release 2016 Discovery Cove Rates

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Relax, sit back and soak up the rays at Florida’s very own paradise, Discovery Cove. Described by our own customers as;

Best day of the holiday

So much to say about this park…fantastic,awesome a must visit for everyone

Such amazing marine life to watch in the grand reef. Dolphin interaction was longer than 2 years ago. Trainers are very knowledgable. Fab day out for all of the family.

Discovery cove is an amazing experience. The swim with the dolphins was the main highlight but also snorkeling in the grand reef and enjoying one of the longest lazy rivers i have come across run a close second.

Discovery Cove is a boutique experience and is only available to 1300 visitors per day. So it sells out very quickly. We’re delighted to confirm that as from today swim and non swim packages for 2016 are available to book and reserve.

discovery coveWe offer two Discovery Cove options; the Discovery Cove Package and the Discovery Cove Ultimate Package. The difference between the two packages is that the Discovery Cove Ultimate package in addition to SeaWorld and Aquatica also includes entry into Busch Gardens.

Unlike many ticket resellers, you can secure your 2016 Discovery Cove tickets with just a £10 per person deposit with the balance due 8 weeks prior to departure.

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Kelly Reviews Discovery Cove

Hi Thrill Seekers,

It was onto Day 3. The day I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl. We were off to Discovery Cove where one could swim with a Dolphin, snorkel with tropical fish, come face to face with sharks or just relax on a white sandy beach. I was soooo excited I could have burst.

Like the other parks I have already blogged about, Discovery Cove was just a few minutes from our hotel and extremely easy to get to. This was handy as we wanted to get their early to book our slot for the Dolphin swim.

Arriving at the park, a friendly member of staff gave us a card attached to a lanyard with our names and date of visit on them for us to pop round our necks whilst in the park, they usually also take a photo to put on your card but as we had a group of 20 this may have taken some time. For guests who are over the age of 21 and want to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks whilst at the park staff will also check your ID so that your card will also state that you are above the legal drinking age. This saves you having to carry your ID around the park with you.

discovery cove lanyard

Our first stop was breakfast. All food and drink are included throughout the day. In the main restaurant breakfast is served buffet style so you can just help yourself as many times as you like. There are also snack huts scattered around the park so you can grab something on the go if you get hungry.

Our Dolphin swim was at 10:30am so it was straight to get our wetsuits. They have different styles to choose from a full wetsuit, half wetsuit or a life jacket. I personally like a challenge so it was the full wetsuit for me, and yes it was definitely a challenge to get into.

We still had a bit of time before our Dolphin swims so we grabbed a snorkel, you will find these in blue and yellow drawstring bags at the same place you get your wetsuit from. The blue sets are adult sizes and the yellow children’s – as I’m petite and got a small head I went for a yellow set.

We headed to the Grand Reef which features multiple levels of exploration suitable for all ages, from paddling tranquil, shallow waters to deep diving adventures into a tropical sunken world bursting with sea life, including over 10,000 animals, representing 125 different species of fish, rays and sharks. My experience of the Grand Reef was pretty brief as I was petrified of the stingrays they were very large so there was no chance of missing them. I did have have a little paddle trying my hardest to dodge them, at one point I thought one was coming at me so I jumped on the back of one of people in our group in order to get my feet off the floor. I’m a little embarrassed of how scared I was of them as they are no threat to anyone, so dont be like me….”a scaredy cat” there is really nothing to be worried about.

discovery cove trip

So 10.30 arrived it was finally time to do our Dolphin swim. We met with one of the trainers first who  showed us a short video full of information on Dolphins. Our lanyards had a number and letter on them which told us what group we would be in for the swim – our group was quite small with only 6 of us which was nice.

It was off to the waters to meet our Dolphin we had a young female Dolphin called Catalina she was only 7. Luckily for us she was in a good mood and ready to entertain. The trainer got her to do a few tricks before getting her to swim past us so we could reach out and touch her. To me she felt like a hard boiled egg.

We had the chance to get a few pictures with her, in groups and also on our own planting kisses on her nose. The photographer was fantastic and got the most beautiful photos of our experience. We were able to buy these at great prices and bring them home to show off to friends and family.

For the one to one swim with Catalina we was given the option to do it in shallow or deep water. Everyone in our group were ok swimmers so we all choose to do it in deep water.

For anyone doing the swim you encounter the same experience doing it in shallow water as you would deep water so if you are not a great swimmer and would rather do it in shallow water then don’t think you will be missing out in anyway as you won’t be. I am not a great swimmer myself but was still able to do it in the deep water, you only have to tread water for a minute (with another trainer next to you) before the Dolphin is with you.

So for the swim itself, I swam out to the deep water where one of the trainers was waiting -she gave a signal to the other trainer and I could see Catalina making her way to me, I was a little nervous as I’ve not had such a large animal swimming towards me before but it was fine as soon as she got to me she was already in position. The trainer told me to place one hand on her pectoral fin and the other on her dorsal fin and that was it she was off taking me back to shore. What an experience, I have never done anything so amazing in all my life and I will treasure that moment forever. I would highly recommend anyone going to Orlando to go to Discovery Cove and swim with a Dolphin, I cannot put into words how amazing it truly is.

discovery cove

After our swim it was just about lunch time so we went to the main eating area and enjoyed some yummy buffet food. There was so much left to do of the park and everyone wanted to do different things so we all split up. A few of us went onto Freshwater Oasis, Discovery Coves newest attraction. You can relax and explore in the very warm waters slowly swimming past Otters and Marmosets, I’ve heard the Marmosets are usually very playful but when we swam past they were pretty quiet, but they are extremely cute – so make sure you go grab a peek at them.

It was coming to the end of our day so it was a quick visit to the Explorer’s Aviary, where you can if you wish take a cup of bird food around with you given to you by a member of staff. Please be aware if you are carrying food around the birds will land on you – this is not something I was very keen on so I walked around with someone else who decided to take food and I must say it was very entertaining to watch when one of the birds landed on him and took a liking to his gold chain around his neck. I would say if it is something you would like to do then go earlier on in the day as I think the birds were stuffed when we arrived there.

So that wraps up my day in Discovery Cove and what a magical one it was.

Smiles included…