Kennedy Space Center Open New Attraction Tomorrow!!

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Kennedy Space Center are opening a new attraction called  Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® presented by Boeing®!

The brand spanking new Heroes & Legends will be the first attraction that guests to Kennedy Space Center will encounter when they arrive at the visitor complex. Opening on the 11th November 2016 this attraction has been designed to touch the hearts and minds of the next generation of space explorers, it aims to bring to life the weird and wonderful stories of America’s first space explorers. Heroes & Legends featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® presented by Boeing® will allow visitors to feel as though they are actually experiencing the missions themselves.


Early space artifacts from the Mercury and Gemini programs will be brought to life by holograms and it will almost feel like reality! Inside the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame you will have the chance to get to know 93 heroes and legendary astronauts.  The new Heroes & Legends attraction will be incorporated into the Rocket Garden which will give visitors a new and elevated perspective of the huge collection of historic rockets that Kennedy Space Center has to offer.

You will enter the new building via a ‘sweeping ramp’ entrance, sounds fancy doesn’t it?! It is described as a “stimulating journey to the stars” which will feature a slingshot manoeuvre through Kennedy Space Centers iconic Rocket Garden.


The Heroes & Legends attraction will feature three different experiences.

The first experience includes a 360 degree discovery bay where guests can explore what it means to be a ‘hero’. This will last around 7 minutes. It also includes a 4D ‘multisensory experience’ which will allow guests to stand on a platform overlooking Planet Earth and find themselves amongst the company of astronauts, cool ay?! The use of lighting and effects including fog, mist, water spray and wind alongside some incredibly realistic images will give you the sensation of actually being in space!!

The next stage is always my favourite part of visiting any museum type attraction.. the interactive bit!! This floor is home to loads of cool stuff such as holograms and interactive media which will give access to a whole new way to interact with artifacts and memorabilia. You will also get to watch a virtual Wally Schirra climb into his spacecraft!

The final experience inside Heroes & Legends is the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. Set out in a cool, round building, the hall of fame comes equipped with a 365 degree video cylinder that has interactive stations. You will also have a great photo opportunity where you can pose with some of the legends that you met throughout your journey.


Another highlight of the experience is a theatre which is designed to make guests feel as though they are floating in space as legendary astronauts including Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Jim Lovell and Neil Armstrong invite you to join in their epic journeys into the vast unknown.

Protze – the New Chief Operating Officer of Kennedy Space Center has said:

“The opportunity to learn about the amazing attributes of our heroes behind the … historical events that have shaped the way we look at space, the world and the future, will not only entertain and inspire guests, but lay the groundwork for their interactions throughout the rest of the complex, We consider Heroes & Legends a ‘launch pad’ for our visitors that really sets the stage for their full-day experience here.”

Visitors are welcome to join the festivities for the grand opening of Heroes and Legends, featuring the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, on November 11, 2016 at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Don’t forget you can purchase your admission tickets and transport through us.

With technology improving at the rate it is i wouldn’t be surprised if the next attraction from Kennedy Space Center is on the moon itself!

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Kennedy Space Center Added To Orlando Attraction Tickets

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Its taken a bit of time but finally we’re happy to confirm that Kennedy Space Center has now been added to Orlando Attraction Tickets. We’ve been after a direct contract with them for ages and the process has taken just over a year to complete.

I visited Kennedy in 2010, to be totally honest with you I wasn’t really keen on visiting. Space isn’t really my thing. It was more for my wife who finds the whole thing fascinating.

I drove from Orlando to Kennedy in my hire car, which took about 45 mins with clear traffic. The drive was pretty easy and gave me the opportunity to see some of Florida that I hadn’t visited. When we got there I had already convinced myself that I wasn’t going to enjoy it, I love coasters, thrill rides and big attractions… Kennedy was not going to be for me.


Hand on heart, after spending the day there I absolutely loved it, probably even more than my Mrs. For me Kennedy Space Center was the perfect break from the hustle, bustle and queuing of theme parks. I learnt without feeling like I had been taught and was awestruck by the size and scale of everything! I would highly recommend visiting the Space Center it really is a little piece of history and as its a working space center you might even be lucky enough to see something launched.

You can purchase the Kennedy Space Center Admission Ticket from us for as little as £29.00 per adult. We’re offering real ticketstoo so no need to exchange anything, head straight to the gates.

The ticket includes;

  • Space Shuttle Atlantis – See Atlantis as if it were in space – raised 30 feet off the ground and rotated 43 degrees. More than 60 interactive, immersive exhibits and simulators will provide guests a never-before experienced perspective on the shuttle’s complex systems, components and capabilities.
  • The Shuttle Launch Experience* – visitors strap in to the sights, sounds and sensations of a real Space Shuttle launch.
  • Angry Birds Space Encounter brings to life the space adventures of the Angry Birds as you follow their kidnapped eggs into an inter-galactic wormhole. Experience any of the seven interactive exhibits including Create Your Own Angry Bird, Angry Birds sliding puzzle, Slingshot target game, Danger Zone mirror maze and the Red Planet Laser Challenge.
  • The Saturn V Center which houses a massive Saturn V rocket and Apollo mission memorabilia including a rare collection of spacesuits and other gear used by the Apollo moonwalkers
  • The LC39 Observatory Gantry and Shuttle Plaza where you can see all three components of a Space Shuttle and view real life Space Shuttle mission hardware.
  • IMAX® films – in two giant IMAX theatres, the dream of space flight comes alive. Current films include Hubble 3D narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and Space Station 3-D narrated by Tom Cruise.
  • The Astronaut Hall of Fame with the world’s largest collection of Astronaut memorabilia.
  • Simulator Station – realistic astronaut training simulators allowing guests to feel the pressure of gravity and land a space shuttle.
  • Rocket Garden – climb-aboard Mercury, Gemini and Apollo capsule replicas and view the monstrous 111-meter Saturn V moon rocket, the most powerful rocket ever built.
  • Space Shuttle Explorer replica

Smiles included…