Disney’s Retired Attractions

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Theme parks are constantly making improvements to their parks. Attractions are always coming and going; some we’re happy about and some we’re not. I’m going to take a look into some of the iconic Disney attractions that have been retired.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a great starting point with Extra TERRORestrial Alien Encounter which was a brilliant attraction that was replaced in 2003 with Stitch’s Great Escape! Rumour has it that even Stitch will be leaving us soon as the park has already scheduled Stitch’s Great Escape for seasonal closures! 🙁

Mr Toad’s Wild Ride is talked about on so many Disney forums so I can only imagine how amazing it was. Originally due to be a roller coaster, it ended up being a dark ride with the left and right tracks being 2 completely different experiences! Unfortunately, I’m too young to have seen this as it closed in 1998 to be replaced by The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Snow White’s Scary Adventures opened way back in 1971 but was deemed a little too scary for some guests so closed for a refurbishment in 1994 before opening back up to the public until 2012. Princess Fairy-tale Hall is now in it’s place.

Let’s pop over to Disney’s Epcot and see what’s been changing here over the years shall we? One of my all time favourites that I remember from the first time I ever visited Orlando, Honey! I Shrunk The Audience! I’m not usually a fan of 4D attractions but how can you not love this?! I was gutted when this got taken away but it was temporarily replaced with Captain EO Tribute in 2010.

Maelstrom was an indoor log flume ride which would have it’s twists and turns before moving you backwards. Sadly, this ride closed in 2014 although I was so happy to finally see a Frozen ride, Frozen Ever After!

Horizons was a dark ride taking you through the ideas that could be used in the future to make the world even greater! Horizons was then replaced by Mission: SPACE, a motion simulator ride in 1994.

Over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Journey into the Jungle Book was a theatrical show filled with animals as well as costumed-humans which closed in 1999 and was replaced later on by Tarzan Rocks.

Tarzan Rocks was another theatrical show lasting about 30 minutes (perfect for the AC) which closed in 2006 before being replaced with Finding Nemo – The Musical.

Pocahontas and her Forest Friends opened with the park in 1998 and had an array of live animals as well as the lead character from the movie. The theatre seated 350 guests at a time but ended for good in 2008! Nothing major has replaced this show yet even today, but you can still have a meet and greet with Pocahontas herself!

Next stop, Disney’s Hollywood Studios where it used to be best known as the home to Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat which was inspired by the apprentice segment in Fantasia! Since 2015, his hat can no longer be found at Hollywood Studios, but instead, a view of The Great Movie Ride.

Journey into Narnia: Prince Caspian was a walk-through attraction, testing your knowledge on the movie and even includes a character meet and greet! This closed in 2011 being replaced with The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow before becoming Toy Story Land. Toy Story Land is currently under construction to become even larger in the near future.

Isn’t it amazing how much Walt Disney World has changed throughout the years?! Can you think of any other Disney attractions that we can no longer visit?

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Top Secrets at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Day three and we’re being nosey at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Did you know, when you’re standing outside Cinderella’s Castle, the cast members are all walking around right beneath your feet? That’s right, Magic Kingdom is actually on the top level of 3 storeys. You won’t see many cast members strolling around the park because they are strolling around beneath you!

File 06-01-2017, 16 39 57

Interesting fact number two, to ensure that the Magic Kingdom park is kept clean and tidy, you will find you are never anymore than 30 steps away from a bin! (Or a trash can as they would call it)

Anyway, onto some cool facts around the Magic Kingdom lands. As you enter the park into Town Square you will Tony’s Town Square Restaurant themed on Lady and the Tramp. If you look down outside, you will see paw prints from them – cute!

Photo Sep 3, 2008, 6-27 AM

Goofy can be seen on a bench just by Tony’s and if you sit close enough, you might be able to have a little conversation with him!

Continuing down Main Street with Cinderella’s Castle in sight, you might notice there’s a barber shop and yes, it’s a real working barber shop! Imagine being able to tell someone you had your hair cut at Magic Kingdom! Or it could be your son’s first ever hair cut?

Also down Main Street there are are some old-timely, decorative telephones that you can pick up and listen to. Who knows what you might find out from one of these?!

Over in Tomorrowland there are some metallic palm trees, usually seen to be spread open just like a normal palm tree. Stay there until the night time, and you will see them fold up! (Night night)


Next door in Fantasyland you might see a statue resembling The Sword in the Stone. Many people take pictures trying to pull the sword out and then walk away, but little do they know that every so often someone will actually pull the sword from the stone!

Behind Cinderella’s Castle is a statue of Cinderella. If you bow down to take a drink from the water fountain, you will see that the crown on the backdrop sits perfectly on Cinderella’s head.

Liberty Square, home to The Haunted Mansion has lots of secrets floating around. On the top of the mansion you will notice that it is topped with all different chess pieces and if you look up at night time, you might see some spooks in the windows!


Most of you will have heard of Hidden Mickey’s (if not check out this previous blog), but Frontierland has a Hidden Tinkerbell! As you exit Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, you will see it on the rock on your left hand-side.

Before we go, we can’t forget Adventureland! As you exit the Pirates of the Caribbean ride you will walk across a moving floor. If you look down you will see footprints and circles, the circle represents the pirates stump!

Do you have any secrets about Magic Kingdom that you are eager to share with us?

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Magic Kingdoms Top Attraction’s 2016

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho… it’s off to Magic Kingdom we go. The votes have been counted and verified and the winner is…

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

Magic kingdom is said to have hosted around 20.49 million guests last year alone making it the most visited theme park in the world for the tenth year running!! This means that the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train must be one hell of a ride ey?!

You’ll hop on board a rustic mine train and work your way up to the summit of the mountain. You can’t stay up there forever though.. you will race down the mountain twisting and turning until you reach the mine shaft where you’ll encounter the Seven Dwarfs who are hard at work doing their usual whistling and singing whilst collecting jewels.


You will also be able to visit Snow White along the way as well as enjoying the thrills of a fantastic roller coaster.

For our thrill seekers to vote this as the top attraction in the worlds most visited park then surely its a ride that you cannot miss when in Orlando!!

Second Place: Splash Mountain – This is a fantastic water ride and yes.. you will get wet!! The build up to the massive 5 story splashdown is also great as there are so many things to see and take in during your journey.

Third Place: Space Mountain – This attraction allows you to commence on a voyage through the cosmos and to the furthest imaginable points of the galaxy. You’ll ascend 180 foot!! This is a really futuristic and cool ride!

Fourth Place – Wishes Nighttime Spectacular – This is an absolutely incredible display.  The voices of your favourite Disney characters will echo throughout the park as they tell a story. Magical and famous Disney songs are sure to give you goosebumps as you watch one of the most magical firework displays on the planet.


Fifth Place: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – Jump on a speeding train and weave in and out of caverns and roll through a haunted mine. This is a great ride for all of the family!

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Disney’s Magic Kingdom reveals new, nightly projection show

Hey Thrill Seekers,

With a Bibbidy, bobbidy, boo, Disney brings you…. a new, nightly projection show at the Magic Kingdom and guess what, its debut is in just 3 days time.

Once Upon a Time will begin on November 4th, the show will be presented at 9:45 pm and last for around 14 magical minutes. Performance times will vary based on park closing times so do check times before you go as this is not something you are going to want to miss.


The show will involve Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast telling bedtime stories to her son Chip (and of course all watching). The stories will take the form of projections on Cinderella’s Castle and will include characters from many of our favorite Disney movies including Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

I find the projection shows amazing so I am super excited they are adding a new one to the mix, its safe to say that I will be starting my saving immediatelty so I can get out there to watch it.

If you’re lucky enough to be there now, or heading there shortly go and check it out. Its suitable for all ages, so the little ones can enjoy the magic too.

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Disney Passes with Orlando Attraction Tickets

Hey Thrill Seekers,

About Disney Passes

If you are going on holiday to Orlando there is a pretty high chance that you will be spending some of that holiday time at Walt Disney World and with more and more first timers heading to Orlando, its sometimes tricky to choose the right Disney pass for your trip. So, with that in mind, we have compiled a quick over view of the current Disney options available to pre-purchase here in the UK before you go!


Which parks are included within our tickets.

We offer Disney Ultimate tickets which offer unlimited access to the 4 main Disney theme parks;

Magic Kingdom
Epcot, Disney’s
Hollywood Studios
Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Plus the 2 Disney water parks;

Blizzard Beech
Typhoon Lagoon


Orlando Attraction Tickets Disney Passes

Walt Disney World 7 Day Ultimate Ticket

This ticket offers seven days access to Disney parks over a 14 day period – so visits to Disney do not have to be on consecutive days. the ticket will expire 14 days after first use.

Recommended for anyone travelling to Orlando for 5-7 days

Walt Disney World 14 Day Ultimate Ticket

This ticket offers unlimited access to Disney parks over a 14 day period – This is the most popular Disney ticket by far!

Recommended for anyone travelling to Orlando for 8-14 days

Walt Disney 21 Day Ultimate Ticket

This is a ticket designed for the truly die hard Disney fans! 21 Days unlimited access to the Disney parks.

Recommended for anyone travelling to Orlando for 15-21 days

Click here for the latest prices: Disney Passes

Why pre-buy Disney passes?

One of the most compelling reasons Disney passes are pre-purchased here in the UK is because of the savings offered compared to buying tickets on the gate when you arrive. A single 14 Day Disney Ultimate ticket can save you up to £200.00* when compared to buying at the gate. PLUS we cant forget that these tickets include Disney’s My Magic+ system which will allow you to pre-book rides, shows, parades, restaurants etc. 30 days before you travel and 60 days in advance if you are staying in a Disney property.

Learn more about Disney’s My Magic+

Top tips for when you hit the Disney Parks

1. Check timetables for shows and parades when you first arrive in the park. This way you can either aim to get a good spot or plan the rides you want to do as the queues will be shorter. Make sure you get to the ride before the parade or you won’t be able to get through the crowd.

2. Disney transportation is a lot quicker than travelling yourself if you visit more than one Disney park on the same day. Take advantage of the free transport as much as you can.

3. On hot days, ask for a cup of ice. Cast members will give you the ice for free to cool you down and once its melted you have a free drink.

4. In any parks, wear comfortable shoes. There is more walking involved than you might think and it is made so much more difficult with blisters.

5. All Disney parks have wi-fi so you can log in to do your fast passes while you’re in the park if you haven’t done so already. You can also use the fast pass booths to book your slots throughout the day too. Try to do these early as the time slots can sell out very quickly.

6. Take a photo of your car park character sign so you don’t forget where you’re parked.

7. Allow yourself time at the end of the day to go in the gift shops before the parks close. This way you don’t have to carry it around with you all day.

8. Arrange a meeting point for your party in case you separate or get lost.

9. Take a look at the direction of the majority of the crowd and go the opposite way. This way you will avoid the longer queues.

10. Look out for some hidden Mickey’s. They are hidden all of the place from on the floor to on a ride.

For more information on Disney passes please call us on 0845 226 8523 or visit www.orlandoattractiontickets.co.uk

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Orlando Attraction Tickets

Day 4 – Magic Kingdom

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Recently we launched our very first app for the iPhone, it happened to coincide with our very own Louise’s holiday to the sunshine state. So we asked her nicely if she would use one of the app’s features Snap, to make a visual diary of her holiday.

She’s already sent us Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 but for self proclaimed Disney Nut, Day 4 was the one she was looking forward to the most.


A classic Snap in front of Cinderella’s Castle and Day 4’s Snap is done and dusted.

You can download the app by searching “Orlando Attraction Tickets” in the app store or by clicking here.

Day 5 is a visit to Busch Gardens! Will Louise be able to face Falcon’s Fury or will she bottle it like Kelly?

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Orlando Attraction Tickets

Top Attractions At Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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A Florida holiday is amazing, its a once (actually more) in a lifetime trip that Millions of people take every year. The theme parks are amazing, the water parks are amazing and the attractions are … yep you guessed it…amazing.

When our customers return from Orlando we like to pick their brains about which attractions they liked the best. We compile this data to product a top 10 of the best attractions at each of the parks.

Here are the top 10 attractions as voted for by Orlando Attraction Tickets customers.

Disneys Magic Kingdom - rating


As you can see Space Mountain is in the lead, with an impressive 60 votes. The interesting thing about this park is how spread out the voting is. The top 5 attractions all have 30 votes or more!



You can view all our customers votes plus their reviews of each park by checking out our Discover page. We’ll take a look at Disney’s Animal Kingdom tomorrow.

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Why Pre-purchasing Your Theme Park Tickets Will Save You Money As Disney Raise Orlando Gate Prices

Hey Thrill Seekers,

As expected, on Sunday Disney confirmed that their walk up gate prices would increase sending most tickets over the magical $100 level. A day ticket to Disney’s Magic Kingdom will now set visitors back $111.83 at today’s exchange rate (1.53) thats £73.09.


Disney spokesman Bryan Malenius told the Orlando Sentinel;

A day at a Disney park is unlike any other in the world, and there is strong demand for our attractions and entertainment, We continually add new experiences, and many of our guests select multi-day tickets or annual passes which provide great value and additional savings.

One day tickets for visitors to Disney’s Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom will cost $103.31 , at the same exchange used above this would mean if you wished to visit the 4 Disney Parks during your holiday (no park hopping) it would set you back £275.66…

Disney 1 day gate price

Magic Kingdom – $111.83 (10+ years and above)

Epcot – $103.31 (10+ years and above)

Hollywood Studios – $103.31 (10+ years and above)

Animal Kingdom – $103.31 (10+ years and above)

Today if you were to visit the Orlando Attraction Tickets website you’d be able to purchase a Disney 14 day Ultimate ticket for £275.00*.

Not only is pre-purchasing your Disney ticket a tiny bit cheaper but you also get more! On top of 14 days unlimited entry into Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and Epcot, visitors can also hop between parks for the duration… and if that wasn’t enough our tickets also grant you entry to Disney’s 2 water parks (Water Parks are subject to seasonal closure) Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. Also remember, all our tickets include use of Disney’s My Magic+ and Fast Pass Plus service.

So it’s pretty simple to see, pre-purchasing your tickets with Orlando Attraction Tickets not only saves you money but offers much, much more…

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New Interactive Queue For Disney’s Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom Park To Open Soon

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Queuing for rides at theme parks is part and parcel of the experience. We’d all love to be able to just walk up and jump straight on an attraction however unless you’re extremely luckily its highly unlikely this will ever happen.

So, we like it a lot when parks think of ways to speed up or improve  the experience, FastPasses, Queue Jumpers and pre booking your ride are all very good but they do sell out quickly and are limited in the amount that can be sold.

One thing that has become common place is the interactive queue. Designers are going out of their way to make the queue line part of the attraction. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Disney’s Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and the Haunted Mansion are all great example of these. Generally from an interactive queue we’re looking for little Easter Eggs of information, clever use of scenery or something that emerges you further into the World.

On Friday Disney confirmed that they were in the middle of adding an interactive queue to their popular Peter Pan’s Flight at Magic Kingdom, not only that but they also revealed some sneak peak pictures (see below).



interactive queue


interactive queue1


Guests will soon be able to watch Tinker Bell fly around and interact with Wendy, John and Michael’s toys. They’ll also see their own shadows come alive on the wall in the children’s nursery and get a sprinkle of pixie dust before they head off into Never Land with Peter Pan.

Sounds like a great way to emerge yourself into the world of Never Land while at the same time battling the boredom of queuing!

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POV Video Of Disney’s New Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in New Fantasyland


Hey Thrill Seekers,

Its been a week of first person videos, firstly Busch Gardens releasedseven this awesome video of their soon to be open attraction Falcons Fury and now today Disney have released a first look at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster at Magic Kingdom.

The ride is aimed at families so don’t expect huge loop the loops and massive drops, it the attention to detail and building a thrill ride for all ages which I think they may have got right.

Disney confirmed this video as a full ride through, however at one part, around the 59 seconds a fade appears which seemed out of character with the rest of the video. It leads us to believe that perhaps their is a final part within the mine that is yet to be released…a surprise maybe?

Disney still haven’t officially announced an opening date but we feel it can’t be far away.

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