OAT Live Episode 38

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Would you like to see a really annoyed Gavin? Well watch Episode 38 right up to the end when they realise that Universal have revealed the name of the new Potter ride while they’ve been on air.

Also on Ep. 38 Abby talks about Disney, Universal and SeaWorld Parks plus we launch a Fun Spot competition.

To enter, simply find this image on our facebook page and pop your answer in the comments section.

Next OAT live is the 7th March, we’d love you to watch live.

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OAT nominated for not one but.. TWO Travel Mole awards!!

Hey Thrill Seekers,

It’s been a good week here at OAT towers as we found out that we have been nominated for not one, but two Travel Mole awards!! Wooo!!

Last year we were honoured to be nominated for and win Holiday Miscellaneous and this year we are even more honoured to see that we have been nominated for an award based around social media!

The awards that we have been shortlisted for this year are:

Best Use of Social Media 

Holiday Miscellaneous 

We are over the moon to be nominated for both awards and would really, really, really appreciate it if you could click on both of the above and vote for us!

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Orlando Attraction Tickets Nominated For Two Travolution Awards

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Yesterday we were delighted to discover that we’d be nominated for not one but two prestigious Travolution Awards.

Yey us!!!

For a 5th time Orlando Attraction Tickets has been nominated in the category of Best for Experiences and for the first time ever we’re a finalist in the Best use of social media category.

Although we’re obviously delighted with both nominations we’re particularly pleased with the Best use of Social Media recognition, our social team of myself, Abby and Gavin work particularly hard in creating unique and engaging content.

Recently Abby and Gavin had the pleasure of pitching to the Travolution panel with our ideas of how we see social media in travel. We also made them a little surprise… not a bribe… a surprise.

Winners will be announced on the 19th November and we wish all those shortlisted the best of luck.

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OAT Live Epsiode 25

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Episode 25 of OAT Live hit Facebook last week and it was full of fun, facts and funky hair.

This episode Abby & Gavin discuss Disney, Universal and reveal the winners of our Halloween Horror Nights competition.

All 25 episodes are available on our Facebook pageso if you fancy binge watching something then get on this asap.

Next episode will be available on the 28th March at 4pm.

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Interview With Teresa from Orlando Attraction Tickets

Hey Thrill Seekers,

This weeks ‘Tell Me Tuesday’ is all about our own Teresa who works (very hard) here at OAT towers. Now I must add a formal warning here… skip the second question if you want to avoid shouting EWWWW at your screen. 😉

Name: Teresa
Company:  Orlando Attraction Tickets
Position: Reservations Agent


What did you want to be when you grew up? A Secret Agent

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life what would it be and why? Mash potato, tinned Macaroni cheese and egg all mixed together. The only reason I have as to why is that it is YUMMY and it contains all 3 of my favourite foods.

What movie title best describes your life? Super Mom

If you were stranded on a Desert Island and could only take 3 items what would they be and why? A Bikini (if I’m stranded I can at least get a tan), a pop up bed and a boat to get me off 😊

Would you rather be able to time travel into the past or future and why? I think I would like to travel back in time to the 60’s/70’s when big hair, flares and flower power was all the rave. I think I could rock the big hair 😉

How would you describe your theme park / attraction using only 3 words? Now this is a tough one I would have to say… Thrilling, Fun & Variety.


What was the highlight of 2017 for your company? Winning two awards. We have worked so hard as we do every year and things like this makes it all worth while.

What are you most looking forward to in 2018? Winning Gold at the British Travel Awards.

Favourite Theme Park ride/attraction of 2017? My favourite theme park ride would have to be Mako (I was lucky enough to ride up front on my very first go).

What is going to be BIG for your company in 2018? Everything we do here at Orlando Attraction Tickets is BIG, we are very passionate about everything we do – so I guess time will tell… 😉

Best Theme Park/attraction tip? Top up your sun lotion before waiting in line for rides, even when it doesn’t feel that warm as it is very deceiving.

Tell us something we don’t know about Florida… The Florida Everglades are the only place on the planet where crocodiles and alligators live together.

I’d love to see Teresa rocking the 60’s / 70’s look 😉

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OAT Live Episode 21

Hey Thrill Seekers,

New year, new OAT Live…

Abby and Gavin are back with a new episode of the award winning* live show (*its won no awards). News was lacking this week so the dynamic duo cover a bit of Universal and a bit of LEGOLAND Florida then recap on what’s coming to Orlando in 2018 and answer some of your questions.

  The next episode will take place on the 25th January and will be hosted by Abby and Teresa.

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Day 5 – Teresa’s Vlog

Hey Thrill Seeker,

Its the last in the series of Teresa does Orlando.. for the final day she’s off to Kennedy Space Center and returning to Fun Spot to try and conquer her fears…

Lets see what happened;

I just want to take the chance to thank Teresa for al her vlogs I’m going to miss waking up to tales of her adventures.

Until next time…

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Day 3 – Teresa’s Vlog

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Day 3 for Teresa and this is one she absolutely loved…

Revolution Off Road in the morning and WonderWorks in the afternoon. Check out her latest blog… please note my awesome editing.

Tomorrow she’s off to SeaWorld and to watch her first basketball game.

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Day 2 – Teresa’s Vlog

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Its day 2 and Teresa’s been a busy beaver, today she visited the Orlando Eye, Madam Tussaud’s, SeaLife, Fun Spot and Boddy Creek.

Lets see what she thought of it…

Come back tomorrow and see what she thought of WonderWorks…

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Day 1 – Teresa’s Vlog

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Our very own Teresa is out in Orlando at the moment being shown around some of the attractions that sometimes get over looked.

All this week she’ll be checking in with us via her personal video blog and she’ll be telling us about her day and reviewing the attractions she visited. Lets check out day 1.

Check back with us tomorrow for another Teresa Vlog.

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