Theme Parks Announce In-Coaster Dining Plans!

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According to recent reports, one theme park in Orlando is planning to offer their visitors ‘In-Coaster’ dining options!

The Park has stated that more and more people that come to Orlando are not getting enough quality time at the parks due to the inconvenience of having to take a break to eat breakfast, lunch or a snack. They have stated that according to research carried out on one of their most popular roller coasters, visitors can save an additional 22 minutes per day by choosing to eat their meals during their ride on a roller coaster.

Some of the dishes already planned for the menu include the following;

  • Soup of the day
  • Rahmen Noodles
  • Curry and Rice
  • Nachos with Cheese
  • Fish and Chips
  • Burgers
  • Ice Cream
  • Custard

The park in question [currently choosing to remain anonymous for commercial reasons] say that although some people may find it difficult to eat a full meal while riding a coaster we hope in time that this will become part and parcel of visiting a theme park.

When asked what they planned to do for riders that exited the ride covered in food the park official stated “We already have a post dinner schedule for clean up, customer can pay an additional $20 to be hosed down after”

Although this does seem a radical idea and many are sceptical of its success, some have even speculated that their is a 1 in 3 chance of people ‘chundering’ during and after the ride, this aside, we are keen to see this food related freak show in operation.

Official opening is planned for 1st April 2018 – so we will be able to provide more information closer to the time. In the meantime if any of our readers have any idea which park this may happen in please leave a comment below.

Happy munching and Smiles included…


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Universal Orlando Resort Announce Their Holiday Parade Line-up!

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I know, you hate me for saying it, but as much as we try to put it to the back of our minds we have to come to terms with the fact that its on its way. For us here in the UK its a question of which supermarket will start playing Christmas songs first – and disgustingly enough it’s usually around this time of year too – well, anyway, I’ve brought you down enough, lets get back on track…The reason I mention the ‘C word’  is because Universal Orlando Resort have just announced their Holiday parade line-up.

Beginning Dec. 5 and running daily through Jan 2, you can enjoy:

  • The Macy’s Holiday Parade at Universal Studios Florida. This year, you’ll get to see two all-new balloons exclusive to our parade: Turkey Balloonicle—a towering balloon with a self-powered vehicle—and Holiday Lights Balloon—a spectacular string of balloons that dazzle while floating through the air.
  • Grinchmas coming to life throughout Seuss Landing at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. You won’t want to miss the heartwarming live show, “Grinchmas Who-liday Spectacular,” featuring the Whos from Who-ville. You’ll also have the opportunity to dine with The Grinch and Friends during a delicious character breakfast.
  • Mannheim Steamroller, the masters of modern Christmas music. This year, they’ll take the Music Plaza Stage in Universal Studios on Dec. 5, 6, 12, 13, 19 and 20.

If you are lucky enough to be staying in a Universal property – The celebration continues at their four on-site hotels, where you check out holiday buffets and dining events, tree-lighting ceremonies, special music performances, Hanukkah candle lighting’s, visits from Santa Claus, holiday poolside “dive-in” movies and family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebrations.

If you are travelling around the holidays these parades really are worth taking a peek at – I promise, you’ll get a warm Christmassy feeling inside 😛

Still pleanty of time to grab your tickets, just click on the following links for the latest rates; Universal 2-Park Bonus Ticket or Universal 3-Park Bonus Ticket

Smiles Included…



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Halloween Horror Nights 25 – The Scare Zones!

Hey Thrill Seekers…

So last week we brought you the full line up of houses for Halloween Horror Nights 25 and I have to admit that I am super jealous of anyone that is lucky enough to be going, as this year, it looks to be Universal’s best yet!


In addition to the great line up of houses there are also an array of chilling ‘Scare Zones’ to negotiate as you make your way from house to house.

Scare Zones

  • Psychoscareapy: Unleashed — The criminally insane inmates of Shadybrooke Asylum have escaped and unleashed their horror onto a Halloween block party in the streets of New York. Come join the party goers as the inmates kill for the best Halloween costumes for their very own special costume contest where you will be the judge. Oh, and this will be one of the bloodiest scare zones ever!
  • ICONS: HHN — And now for the scare zone I’m looking forward to the most! It’s time to take a look back in history and come face-to-face with the icons from our past. Iconic characters from the event’s 25 year history such as The Caretaker, The Storyteller, The Director and more will be found roaming the streets of Hollywood. I’ve even heard The Rat Lady will be making her grand return!
  • Scary Tales: ScreamPunk — This year, we’re bringing to life our most horrifying Scary Tales characters with a new twist. This steampunk-inspired version of Scary Tales is sure to leave you screaming.
  • Evil’s Roots — It’s time to be immersed in Halloween’s most evil traditions in the scare zone located in Central Park. Here you’ll find the event’s traditional jack-o-lanterns in the air as you encounter evil fairies, humanoid bats, scarecrows and more. Think “Grown Evil” from 2011 but on a whole ‘nother level!
  • All Nite Die-In: Double Feature — Last but certainly not least is a double feature of horror at The Carey DrIvE IN movie theatre. Wander down the streets of San Francisco and you’ll come across this theatre that has been named “DIE IN”, due to the gruesome murders that occurred. Enter if you dare…

Plus dont forget the 2 amazing live shows;

  • The Carnage Returns — Jack the Clown is taking Halloween Horror Nights back in a blaze of murderous mayhem with his army of feared followers and his companion in carnage, Chance. Remember, Jack always has the last laugh.
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure — Of course, they’re back in an all-new Halloween adventure. I could never describe the hilarious insanity of that show. It has to be seen to be believed. Party on, dudes!

There is still time to be part of this amazing event…

Orlando Attraction Tickets offers 2 ticket types that cover entry into Halloween Horror Nights;

The is event is strictly ticketed and is not suitable for children.

Screams Included…



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Orlando Attraction Tickets Through The Years

Hi Thrill Seekers,

Sometimes its nice to take a stroll through memory lane and sometimes it can be shocking…

Today I found myself looking through some historical images of Orlando Attraction Tickets website. Some of you may know that we were originally called we offered attraction tickets for the whole World for a few years before deciding to specialise in Orlando and alter our name.

This is an image from our very first website, this screen shot is from 2004 but the actual site went live in late 2003.

OAT 2004I remember at the time that we were criticised slightly for the site being too vibrant. In the same year a certain well known late deals site was lauded for using a very similar colour to us! 🙂

At the time I loved this design, I thought it made us stand out from the crowd…. it definitely did that.

Once we realised that Orlando was the main core of our business we looked at redesigning the site under our new url

We relaunch in 2005 with this little beauty;

OAT 2005We buckled under the negative comments regarding our choice of colour and went for a calmer green against a vibrant yellow. It wasn’t my favourite design and we sacrificed a lot of our usual flair for what we hoped would be great SEO (google rankings). It worked for a bit.

In 2009 we looked to redesign again, a shift in the way google ranked sites made it an easy decision for us.

OAT 2009This reincarnation of the OAT site was not one of our finest moments. Whenever we look to redesign one of our sites we generally sit down and try to come up with something unique, something that would stand out from the crowd. With the 2009 version we went for a very basic shopping cart design…. exactly the same as every other boring attraction tickets site out there.

Although the site worked well and sales increased it never sat well with our design savvy CTO, Karl Hendrie. It got towards the end of 2011 when Karl decided enough was enough and the time was right to redesign the site again.

oat 2012This redesign took a long time to complete, it started with an amendment to our logo to the smiley face we use today, next up was a new tagline “smiles included”. With these two amendments in place we then took a look at all the other attraction ticket sites and decided we didn’t want to look like any of them… so we don’t

We decided we should add things that other don’t, so we did that with the likes of Wish Lists, ShareTheLove and our unique deposit scheme.

We took our time and finally launch in late 2012 and do you know what? Our sales increased massively… we learnt a very important lesson, not never deviate from our core values.

I wonder what our next redesign will look like?

Smiles included…










Halloween Horror Nights Reveals Havoc 2: Derailed

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Another midnight has passed and another Halloween Horror Nights House has been revealed. For a tiny bit of background, all this week Universal Orlando have been revealing a new house or maze for the 2013 Halloween Horror Nights.

On Monday they revealed La Llorona House based on the Mexican tale, yesterday they revealed a Universal original called Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance. Every good horror has a sequel, so today Universal have revealed Havoc 2: Derailed a sequel to the popular Havoc house.

HHN Havoc 2 DerailedHere’s how Universal describe their latest house;

WARNING: In this all-new original house the train convoy has derailed and the bloodthirsty maniacs are loose.

Escaping them this time will be a hard feat…the “Dogs of War” return to HHN23 in this sequel house, Havoc 2: Derailed.

This years Halloween Horror Nights is shaping up to be one of the best, you can purchase tickets for the event at Orlando Attraction Tickets.

I’ll continue to keep you updated on reveals for this years HHN.

Scream included…


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3 Famous Drinks You Just Gotta Sup at Universal Orlando

Hi Thrill Seekers,

If you’re like me (a Simpsons & Potter nerd) then you’ll be more than interested in getting your chops around these little beauties. Here are the top 3 most famous beverages available at Universal Orlando.

Duff Beer


If you’ve seen the Simpsons you’ll be well aware that Homer’s favorite pastime is to sup a nice cool glass of Duff beer while complaining about the wife and kids. Now you can do the same…except i’d leave out the complaining about the wife and kids bit since they will probably be with you at the time 🙂

Duff Beer is now available from Moe’s Tavern in Springfield USA at Universal Studios. I have read a few reports on this beer and by all accounts it actually a really decent beverage. Brewed by the Florida Beer Company located in Melbourne FL this beer is set to become a winner.

Prices are as follows;

Duff Beer on tap – 20oz in a disposable cup is $7.25
Duff Beer on tap – 23oz souvenir cup $9.25, refills cost just $6.50.

Available in Duff and Duff Lite this beer is nothing short of an icon!

The Flaming Moe


The Flaming Moe is a non alcoholic cocktail served at Moe’s Tavern located at Universal Studios Orlando. Apparently its a fruit based cocktail which tastes a lot like orange soda. The drink itself comes in a glass which has a secret compartment at the base which houses dry ice – this makes the drink look like its bubbling when served – very clever indeed!

FACT Alert: Ah, but do you know the legend of the Flaming Moe? In 1991, episode 45 of the Simpsons, Homer tells Moe Szyslak of a secret alcoholic cocktail called a ‘Flaming Homer’ which includes cough medicine and fire – Moe steals the recipe and starts selling it in his Tavern but calls it a ‘Flaming Moe’

Prices are as follows;

Flaming Moe $7.99 – Signature Specialty Drink of Springfield



Butter Beer available at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Islands of Adventure.

For all you Harry Potter fans out there Butterbeer is obviously a given when it comes to famous Orlando brews. Probably the most sought after beverage at Universal, Potter fans make a beeline to grab a sup. Its not surprising that this beverage is so successful given the amount of effort put into producing it. Did you know that it took the Universal team almost 3 years to perfect the taste? which incidentally had to be cleared by J.K. Rowling herself.

Actually we have a very simple Butter Beer recipe that you might want to try at home if you’re not going to be in Orlando anytime soon. Click here

Prices are as follows;

A Butterbeer will cost around $5.00. You can also buy a souvenir mug for $10.00

So there you have it Thrill Seekers 3 awesome beverages for you to add to your itinerary the next time you are lucky enough to find yourself  in Universal Resort Orlando. Speaking of fining yourself there, you’ll probably need a ticket to get in – here is the ticket information you’ll need.

Universal parks are available with the following tickets from OrlandoAttractionTickets.couk;

If any of you have already tried these fine beverages please leave a comment and let us know what you thought 🙂

Thanks for reading,



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Coming To An Envelope Near You

Hi Thrill Seekers,

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets our tagline is Smiles included… oat-smile-greenWe like to offer our customers things to make them smile 🙂

  • Low prices
  • Quick delivery
  • Great customer services

To name but a few…

We are always looking at ways to add additional smiles and we think we maybe close to adding something that would make the coldest heart melt 🙂

Check out this teaser video

coming to an envelope near you!!


What do you think it is and most importantly did it make you smile?



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Smiles Included Is Now An Orlando Attraction Tickets Trademark

Morning Thrill Seekers,

We relaunched our logo and tagline back in October 2012 after some oat-smile-greenserious brain storming sessions. Orlando Attraction Tickets is owned and operated by U.S. Rent A Car a veteran of the USA car hire industry, car rental is a very different animal to Theme Park tickets, some would say less glamorous (me being one of them). So the chance to work on the sexier side of travel was a chance most of us leapt at.

Don’t get me wrong we have some very passionate people here who love car hire and can easily talk about it all day but as die hard as you are, it doesn’t come close to the excitement of thrilling roller coasters, amazing shows and awesome water parks.

So we decided we wanted a tagline that summed up the excitement of heading to Florida and hitting those theme parks. We came up with lots of ideas “ticket to ride“, “real excitement, real tickets“, “No.1 for Thrills”…. they weren’t all winners…

What we finally came down to was what emotional and physical response do we get from attraction tickets, and it was simple, emotionally we love it and physically we smile 🙂

What we went on to realise is that the smile doesn’t just take place at the theme parks, you smile while you’re booking your tickets because you’ve getting a great deal, you smile when the envelope containing your tickets hits your door mat and of course you smile the most when you use your tickets….Smiles included!

So we are delighted to announce that after what felt like a long time coming, Smiles included is now a trademark registered to Orlando Attraction Tickets.

Smiles included®



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