Top Secrets at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Hey Thrill Seekers,

We’re coming to the end of my secret stories on the parks but before we go, we’ll take a look at Busch Gardens. Just like at SeaWorld, Busch Gardens cater for everyone! It’s probably the best park for thrill seekers and animal lovers! Although it’s about an hours drive from the other parks, it’s so worth it!

The thrill seekers have so many coasters at Busch Gardens including Falcon’s Fury, Cheetah Hunt, SheiKra, Montu, Kumba, Scorpion an the new Cobra’s Curse! Could you want anymore coasters in one park?! You’ve also got Congo River Rapids and Stanley Falls to cool you down with a bit of a splash too.


For all you animal lovers, Busch Gardens give you the chance to get up close and personal with some of the most beautiful animals in some once in a lifetime opportunities. Walkabout Way is just like being in Australia with all of the kookaburras, kangaroos and wallabies. Not only that but you can also hand feed the kangaroos and wallabies! Be sure to check out the feeding times in the morning when you enter the parks.


Serengeti Safari is a well known attraction at Busch Gardens but a lot of people still don’t know that there is an amazing feature on this safari where you can hand feed giraffes! That’s right..they will come over to you on your safari truck and eat right out of your hands!


Over at Jungala you can see some the most breathtaking endangered animals such as Bengal tigers and orangutans. You can even soar through the trees on Jungle Flyer. If you enter Jungala from the bridge and look closely at the water rocks you’ll see the word ‘Jungala’! 😉

Just to show you even more of the care that they take over their animals, their Animal Care Centre is right inside the action in the park. You can go into the centre at any time of day (inside park opening hours of course) and if you’re there at the right time, you might even be able to watch the treatment. This could be anything from an x-ray to surgery!


Busch Gardens really is an incredible park that you will never forget!

Sadly, we have come to the end of our secrets but be sure to let us know of anything else that you find on your holidays!

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Busch Gardens Tampa Confirms Cobra’s Curse Opening Date

Hey Thrill Seekers,

On the day SeaWorld’s new hyper coaster Mako makes its debut their sister park Busch Gardens has an announcement of its own.


Busch Gardens Tampa’s highly anticipated new multidirectional spin coaster, Cobra’s Curse, will open on Friday 17 June.

Cobra’s Curse Striking Facts:

  • One-of-a-kind spin coaster features a menacing 30,000-pound snake king icon and a 70-foot vertical lift that will take riders within inches of its 3 foot-wide eyes and 4-foot-long fangs.
  • During the three-and-a-half-minute ride, the coaster trains speed along at 40 mph down 2,100 feet of serpentine-like track, travelling backward, forward and then spinning freely.
  • Guests will experience a new spin with each ride. Each train spins randomly, with frequency and direction determined by the rider weight distribution.
  • The ride’s air-conditioned queue naturally fuels guests’ adrenaline with an immersive themed experience and a state-of-the-art snake exhibit featuring four exotic snake species. Guests will observe some of the world’s most feared and often misunderstood, vipers.
  • Riders must be 48 inches to ride, or 42 inches with a parent or guardian.

Check out this video announcing the date;

With the additional of Cobra’s Curse along with Falcons Fury, SheiKra, Cheetah Hunt, Montu and Kumba is there a better park for thrills in Florida?????? I think the answer is NO…

You can buy Busch Garden’s Tampa Tickets at Orlando Attraction Tickets.

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Something New Is Coming To Busch Gardens Next Year

Hey Thrill Seekers,

2015 has started pretty quietly when it come to theme park news but perhaps its about to pick up a little bit. Yesterday we reported on the announcement of the World’s tallest drop tower being built on International Drive today we’re hearing news that Busch Gardens has a new attraction in the pipelines.

When I first heard this news I assumed it was an attraction to replace Gwazi which officially closed at the beginning of this month however reports seem to suggest that the new attraction will be found in the parks Egyptian themed area and is scheduled for a 2016 start date.


A Busch Gardens Tampa spokesman confirmed that they were indeed planning a new attraction but stated that even they don’t know exactly what its going to be. What we do know at the moment is that Busch Gardens filed an environmental resource permit with the Tampa Bay regional water authority which has lead to speculation that is could be a water ride however I’m pretty sure most expansions or builds have to have the water authorities approval in that part of Florida.

The permit includes removal of more than 28,000 square feet of existing concrete paving and the expansion of the existing museum building by almost 12,000 square feet. It also appears that a section of the Serengeti Railway will be moved.

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets when we hear news like this we like to have a little guess at what it could be, the overall opinion is that perhaps it will be some kind of 3D experience think, Spiderman at Universal. Busch Gardens is known for its amazing thrill rides so perhaps they’ll be looking to make something slightly more family (young children) orientated.

However your guess is as good as ours… we’ll keep you posted when we know more.

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Check Out The Winning Captions From Our Recent Facebook Competition

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Yesterday saw the end of our Falcon’s Fury caption competition. We had tons of entries via our facebook page below are the 5 that were voted the best by the Orlando Attraction Tickets staff.







Congratulations to all the winners and commiserations to those who weren’t picked. We plan to do some more competitions via our facebook page, so better luck next time 🙂

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Busch Gardens Falcon’s Fury Opening Delayed Until Summer


Hey Thrill Seekers,

Busch Gardens today confirmed that’s it’s highly anticipated new attraction Falcons Fury will now not be opening until the summer! No official date has been given.

The reason behind the delay was outlined via twitter, Facebook and Busch Gardens own blog, here’s what it said;

Busch Gardens’ new thrill ride Falcon’s Fury includes first-of-its kind design elements, systems and parts. Due to a delay in the fabrication of key component parts, neither the manufacturer nor Busch Gardens are able to complete the lengthy testing processes needed to open the ride to the public. The safety of our guests and team members remains Busch Gardens’ top priority and none of these delays involve safety systems. The ride has been safely operated in the initial stages of the testing process, and all other elements of the park’s newest re-imagined land Pantopia are now open to guests. Busch Gardens will provide updates on the ride opening as events warrant. We are committed to delivering world-class thrills and the best possible ride experience, and we look forward to the launch of Falcon’s Fury, North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower, later this summer.


A nightmare scenario then for Busch Gardens as universal gear up for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagonal Alley opening only Falcons Fury was perceived to have any chance of competing for column inches.

However Busch Gardens must be applauded for taking guests safety over dollar bills. Hugely disappointing but obviously the correct decision.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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It just be raining iPods…and stuff!

Morning Thrill Seekers,

Recently I was lucky enough to find myself at Busch Gardens in lostTampa Bay. During a brief chat with one of the Busch Gardens team we got onto the subject of stuff that people often lose on the roller coasters. Well, when I say lose, I actually mean stuff that has just fallen from people’s pockets in the middle of being loop da looped and spun around at zero gravity! I was surprised at some of the things that people don’t actually secure when they ride some of the awesome coasters like Cheetah Hunt, Gwazi and Kumba.

Here is a list of the things that turn up in the safety nets;

  • Phones
  • iPods
  • Money
  • A shoe
  • Sunglasses
  • Cameras
  • Make up
  • Chewing gum
  • Wallet
  • Headwear

If you are unlucky enough to lose something on a ride at Busch Gardens you can find the lost and found in the Moroccan Village. If you only notice once you leave the park then feel free to email Include any relevant information on the item that was lost, and the date which you visited the park and a representative from Security will correspond with you via email.

However I guess the moral of this post is basically don’t lose your stuff. Remember that there are places to store your items when you board the rides, use them.

Here is the information you’ll need if you plan on visiting Busch Gardens;

Busch Gardens is included within the following tickets

Top Tip: Busch Gardens offers FREE transport from Orlando. Check out the following post for more details: How to use the free shuttle bus service to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Car Rental: Alternatively for those that like to make their own way to the parks you can find cheap Florida car hire via our partner website

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Theme Park Ride Of The Week – SheiKra

Happy Theme Park Thursday Thrill Seekers,

It’s Thursday which means its #themeparkthursday and today’s ride of choice is Busch Gardens scream maker, SheiKra!!!

SheiKra at Busch Gardens, Tampa

SheiKra is actually the last coaster I rode but it left its mark!

The unique selling point of SheiKra is the 200 ft delayed drop. Let me explain…

After getting on board and leaving the station, you begin to climb a 47 degree 200-foot lift hill. SkeiKra is in no rush to get you to the top so you get a great look round the park while at the same time building the suspense. The train then makes a U-turn and approaches the holding brake, which suspends the train for about 3–5 seconds on the precipice of the sheer 90-degree drop, now I’m quite confident in stating that at this point I have never been on a ride that produces so many screams from its riders. At the height of these screams you are released and plummet down and into a loop.

The ride does continue on from this point but not for long and to be honest I was so taken back by the drop I can’t remember much after it. :-)

Ride Facts

  • 200-foot 45-degree chain lift hill
  • 195-foot 90° drop
  • 140-foot-tall Immelmann
  • 138-foot 81° drop
  • Top speed 70 mph.

The very obvious talking point of this ride and one I still mention today is the 3-5 second delay, it really builds the suspension. Top tip, if you don’t like screaming wear ear plugs!!!

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Christmas Town – New at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Start A New Family Tradition With Christmas Town, Only At Busch Gardens

Christmas Town Busch GardensBusch Gardens Tampa is all set to launch their very own after hours Christmas event called ‘Christmas Town’ which is all set to start on the 30th November will transform the park into a nighttime holiday wonderland packed full of wintery surprises and all things Christmas.

For the first time in the park’s 53-year history, visitors to Christmas Town will experience all-new evening attractions, shows and shopping from 6 to 11 p.m. every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from the 30th of November through to December the 23rd. The park is set to be transformed with special entertainment, live music, festive treats, holiday shopping and thousands and thousands of twinkling Christmas lights!

Nancy Hutson, vice president of entertainment says; “This is just a natural step for us to go, to keep the park open later and be able to use the dark evening hours to do some incredible lights and decorations and really take these phenomenal Christmas experiences to another level. The park will have distinct zones of decorations. Red and white lights will shine in the Nairobi area while animal-pattern decorations will be found in the Cheetah Hunt walkway. Children’s TV characters will be decked out in holiday gear at Sesame Street Season of Fun, while a topiary version of the nativity scene will seen in Stanleyville. The flamingo area will get a festive makeover with pink, twinkling lights. We wanted something that saluted Florida,”

Busch Gardens, IMO, is one of the best parks in Florida and well worth a visit at anytime of the year. However this new experience looks like its going to add some real magic this Christmas. If you are lucky enough to be one of the first to visit please send us over some pics and comments on what you thought – we’d love to share them

In the meantime you can still get Busch Gardens tickets at an amazing rate as part of the SeaWorld 3 Park Ticket which includes SeaWorld, Aquatica and Busch Gardens.


For a full list of what’s happening at Christmas Town please see below;

Celebration Village brings together the rich, warm colors of Christmas and heartfelt voices lifted in song to welcome guests as they enter Christmas Town. Draped in jewel-tone ornaments and glowing lights, the Moroccan Village comes alive with local choirs in the Marrakesh Theater and shops full of holiday gifts.

Family and friends will cozy up to brave the chill in the air along Ice Wonder Way. The frozen pathway sparkles and shimmers in the night as snowflakes dance down the front of the Moroccan Palace, welcoming guest for special performances of the all-new Christmas Town ice show.

Wild colors, exotic decorations and intricate animal patterns create the kind of Christmas found only in nature! Stretching along the Cheetah Hunt walkway, Jungle Jubilee welcomes guests to Florida’s only triple-launch coaster and the iconic Crown Colony restaurant, featuring special holiday fare and the new Carol of the Bells light show.

Just around the bend, Candy Cane Lane gives Christmas Town a peppermint twist. Red and white lights twinkle in the trees throughout the Nairobi area, calling to mind the beloved Christmas confection and pointing guests down the path to the Christmas Town Express and Santa’s House.

Experience the humble magnificence of that first Christmas night and remember the real “reason for the season” and along Miracle Way. Guests will marvel at a topiary representation of the Holy Nativity and illuminated angels, set along the Stanleyville Bridge in the warm glow of Christmas lights and sacred holiday music.

Christmas has come to Sesame Street! Elmo and his friends are all dressed up in their holiday best at Sesame Street Season of Fun, ready to pose for pictures and plenty of hugs with kids of all ages who stop by to wish them a funny, furry Christmas.

When it’s warm in December and there’s more sand than snow, celebrate a Floridian Christmas with a touch of the tropics in the Enchanted Flamingo Valley. Guests will be “thinking pink” as they encounter decorated palm trees and a flock of festive flamingos created from thousands of twinkling pink lights.

Christmas is in full bloom along Poinsettia Parkway, where guests can lose themselves among hundreds of the traditional holiday flowers and feast their senses on delicious holiday treats.

On your way to play in the snow, stop by Jingle Bell Junction and climb aboard a pint-sized train for a holly-jolly ride designed especially for young guests, located at the crossroads of Christmas Town in Gwazi Plaza.

Guests can find the perfect holiday gift or indulge in a delicious seasonal treat as they explore Christmas Town Village. Set along the Gwazi Park walkway, tiny Christmas cabins will scent the air with seasonal treats like apple pies and strudels, gingerbread cookies, eggnog and roasting nuts, as well as a delicious array of flavored popcorns, roasted nuts, waffles with ice cream, fruit-filled crepes, rustic sandwiches, homemade potato chips and Starbucks coffees and hot chocolate.

Enjoy a nostalgic white Christmas – in Florida! – in Christmas Town Park. Guests can experience real, frozen snowdrifts in the Snow Wonderland snow play area, meander among quaint cabin shops, pose for pictures with strolling snowmen, and finish off the night with an exclusive concert with the Grammy Award-winning group Jars of Clay.


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Busch Gardens New Show Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy

Today Busch Gardens are previewing their new show, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, to a selected audience in Tampa.

Jim Dean, Park President for Busch Gardens opened with “We’re bringing a Broadway smash hit back to Busch Gardens”

The Broadway hit, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, created and directed by circus impresario Neil Goldberg, opens December 3 at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

This is a breathtaking show filled with incredible feats that will leave you spellbound. But words simply cannot do justice to describe it… so here’s a special visual sneak peak from dress rehearsals this week at Moroccan Palace Theatre: