Universal Orlando Confirm Wet N’ Wild Will Close

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Now I’m not one to say “I told you so” but….. I told you so! Last week I wrote a piece about the fate of Wet N Wild due to the announcement of Volcano Bay. For those who didn’t get a chance to fully read it I basically state that I believe Wet N’ Wild will be closed down to make way for a new hotel…


Fast Forward and today Universal has officially announced that Wet N Wild will be closing forever on the 31st December 2016. The park which opened in 1977 was America’s first water park and was renowned for its innovation and overall awesome experience.

However with the introduction of new state of the art purpose built parks Universal have decided it’s time for a change and will be concentrating all their efforts into their new park Volcano Bay.

Universal are yet to confirm what will replace Wet N’ Wild or if any of their rides will be moved over to Volcano Bay.

This is currently a breaking story, so we’ll update the blog when we hear more…

Smiles included…