Construction of Ray Rush is in Full Swing

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I’m extremely excited about Ray Rush which is opening in the Spring of 2018 and yesterday Aquatica uploaded some construction pics, lets take a look..

As we can all see, the primary colours of the slide are blues and greens – sticking with the ocean animal theme of rays.

Lots of parts ready and waiting to become a piece of Ray Rush!

I can see parts that look like pizza slices in the right side of this photo, I wonder what part of the slide they will be home too…     I’m  not sure if the guy on the right is taking the photo or scratching his head as to say ‘I’ve left the instructions at home Dave’

Here we can see that Hooroo Run is no more so that we can make way for Ray Rush which will now be next to Walhalla Wave on the left hand side of the photo and is closed until Ray Rush opens in Spring.

Who’s excited for this to open?! If you can’t remember what Ray Rush is going to look like then see below..

Triple your fun with the three-in-one thrills of Ray Rush, new at Aquatica Orlando. Ray Rush is the fully-loaded water adventure with three ways to slide, splash and soar like never before. First, water jets launch your raft from zero to awesome in just seconds. Your adventure takes a twisting turn as you spin inside a colossal water sphere. Finally, dive into the giant manta wings, swooping up and down a different path each time. Fill your raft with family and friends for three times the thrills on the exciting Ray Rush at Aquatica, SeaWorld’s waterpark.

It looks and sounds awesome!

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Blizzard Beach Top Attractions 2016

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Topping the Blizzard Beach charts and coming in at the highest it’s the highly popular (if you haven’t guessed it already) Summit Plummet.

The 120 foot tall ride is one of Orlando’s most extreme attractions, as you fly down the almost vertical slope you’ll be able to see over the whole park – that’s if you’re brave enough to keep your eyes open!!


Second Place: Teamboat Springs – This is a great family slide and fits up to 6 people. Its a fun packed 1,200 foot slide consisting of spins, twists and lots of splashes.

Third Place: Toboggan Racers – As you zoom head first from the top to the bottom of Mount Gushmore be prepared to catch some air as you lift off with every dip, will you be the winner?

Fourth Place: Runoff Rapids – There are three slides to choose from with each one being a totally different experience. One slide is a dark, fully enclosed trip to the bottom, the other two will see you hop in to a inner tube finding yourself weaving over and under the centre slide.

Fifth Place: Downhill Double Dipper – The perfect ride for any competitive person! You’ll almost be able to touch the tension as you and your opponent anticipate the start of the race. You’ll reach huge speeds before plunging into the water at the end. What’s cooler is that your time will be displayed on overhead digital stop clocks.


Again all you thrill seekers have proved how hardcore you are by voting Summit Plummet as the top attraction in Blizzard Beach. The free-fall, ski jump slide is not one for the faint hearted as you reach mega speeds, zoom through a dark tunnel finally landing in a huge spray of whitewater.

This is a awesome slide and a worthy winner.

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What We Hope Universal’s Volcano Bay May Include

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As I’m sure regular readers of the blog are aware 2017 will see the opening of a brand new water park, Volcano Bay. The Universal owned property which will replace Wet N’ Wild as Universals official water park still hasn’t been given an exact opening date, although we are expecting news in June when the industry gathers at POW WOW.

Universal have promised that the new park will feature radically-innovative attractions, peaceful moments of relaxation and an experience that we hope will change the way guests think about water theme parks.

Hmm… very interesting, although it doesn’t really tell us much. So what I did was ask around OAT hq and hit up our facebook friends to ask what their hopes for the park are.

Here’s what we came up with;


Here’s what I’m thinking… A Tube ride meets Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts! The trend in attractions at the moment seems to be for a 3D rides, take a look at Universal’s next big release Skull Island: Reign of Kong which is another 3d based ride. So could Universal be looking to create the very first 3D tube ride!?

volcano bay

Multi Passenger Rides

One of the best things about Wet N’ Wild is the sheer amount of multi person rides it has in the park. Hitting a water park with my family and being able to share the experience together gave Wet n’ Wild a special place in my heart. I hope Volcano Bay offers the same.

Rumour: I’ve heard that Universal are looking to introduce a couple of never before seen raft rides!!!

Active Volcano

You know when you’re at a water park and a horn sounds, it generally means the wave pool is about to kick off. I’m hoping Universal have something similar planned for the Volcano.

With the Volcano being the focal point of the park you’d hope Universal would come up with something pretty special and a regular active volcano (not lava) would be something to see. It could have the same reaction as the dragon at Diagon Alley.

Late night opening

Rumour has it that Universal maybe looking to open Volcano Bay later than your average park and some filings seem to suggest Universal may introduce glowing sand! Imagine how great that would look!?


Universal at the moment are the kings of theming. From Potter to Skull Island: Reign of Kong Universal are knocking it out of the park and I’d imagine Volcano Bay will follow suit.

I’m hoping for mouth dropping design that also include interactive elements, taking inspiration from the interactive wands at the Wizarding Worlds it would be cool to be able to say speak to an Easter Islands head, think night of the Museum.

What would you like to see at Volcano Bay?

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Disney’s Blizzard Beach Seasonal Closure Dates

Hey Thrill Seekers,

As you’re probably aware during the winter months Disney closes one of its Water Parks  to give it some tender love and care. This year Disney’s Blizzard Beach will be the water park getting a touch up.

The popular Water Park will be closed between the 04/10/2015 and 02/01/2016. Fans of big thrills will be disappointed as Blizzard Beach boasts one of the more adrenaline inducing rides “Summit Plummet” which is rated as the number 1 thing to do by our customers.


Although this may upset some people, the other Orlando water parks will be up and running. You can discover more information about the other water parks here –

Which is your favourite Orlando water park? Mines Wet N’ Wild…

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Orlando Attraction Tickets

Are Universal Planning To Remove Queuing?

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Disney’s huge investment in their new FastPass System has been a relative success, the idea of visitors being able to pre book their rides and attractions has lead to a decrease in queuing, which is a good thing. However it hasn’t totally eradicated it…

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets we’ve heard a few rumours that perhaps Universal are looking in to a way of removing queuing totally from their parks! Impossible I hear you cry, well you might be right… but let me tell you what we’ve heard.


Firstly I’ve got to mention that none of this has come directly from Universal or anyone working for Universal so take it all with a pinch of salt.

So its pretty well known, although not officially confirmed that Universal plan to open a new water park in 2017 called Volcano Bay the park is set to positioned adjacent to their new Cabana Bay Resort Hotel and is said to be approx. 3/4 the size of Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. With all of Universal latest releases, think Diagon Alley, Transformers and the Minions ride, Universal have been pushed the boundaries of technology  and we’re expecting the same kind of thing for Volcano Bay. I would doubt Universal would waste their time building just a “normal” water park!

One of the ideas doing the rumour rounds is that Universal will use Volcano Bay as a testing ground for their queueless park dream. Here’s how it will work, upon entry into the park visitors will be given a RFID band this will act as their ticket they’ll be able to add their debit/credit card to the band for in park transaction and it will act as their virtual queue bot!

This is not a new idea, the technology already exists and one of the leading companies in this area is Britain’s own Accesso, in 2011, they introduced the  ‘Qband’ for use at water parks. The device, which is similar in size and shape to a watch, on the device, users can select an attraction they wish to queue for and the device will add them to a virtual queue. The Qband will then notify users once their virtual queue time has elapsed through vibration and beeping. They then access the attraction using a priority entrance, having avoided standing in a long line.

Its a very interesting concept, especially if used and implemented within a whole park. Universal already have a working relationship with Accesso so perhaps this is a rumour that actually has legs?

What do you think?

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Wet N’ Wilds Aqua Drag Racer Opens Today

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Diagon Alley isn’t the only new addition to the Universal family opening in Orlando. Today Wet N’ Wild officially opened Aqua Drag Racer, billed as the fastest mat racer attraction in Florida, riders start at a whooping 65ft up before racing each other through 4 individual lanes to determine who’s the quickest.

aqua drag racer

The opening comes a month after SeaWorld’s Aquatica opened Ihu’s Breakaway Falls its multi person drop ride.

Michael Black, senior vice president and general manager of Wet ‘n Wild Orlando told the Orlando Sentinel

Drag Racer features “single riders going down four individual lanes, but it’s very competitive. You’ll have families that are racing against one another and have friends racing against one another.

We dispatch them all at the same time, and it’s a race to see who makes it to the bottom first. It really is a multi-passenger ride.

Black is said to have agreed to build the new attraction when he spoke to a GM of a different park he was visiting who stated that the ride got a great customer response. Manufacturer’s stated that the riders travel at up to 15 feet per second.

I can wait to challenge my friends on this one. You can purchase tickets for Wet N’ Wild at Orlando Attraction Tickets for as little as £28 per person.

Aquatica Orlando Adds Mobile Phone Chargers

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We truly are in the age of the mobile revolution and SeaWorld’s Aquatica isn’t going to be left behind. Today they announced via various social mediums that they have just added Mobile Phone Chargers at their water park.

Located at Banana Beach Cookout and Waterstone Grill the phone chargers that come with choice of cable for android and iPhone users will cost $2.99 per hour to use.

aquaticamobilephonechargerAs someone who is practically glued to their phone I love this idea. Plus it gives you an excuse to bottle going on Ihu’s Breakaway Falls!

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SeaWorld’s Aquatica To Open Ihu’s Breakaway Falls

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

Aquatica have been slowly teasing information regarding its new attraction set summer 2014. Aquatica have been using the #NothingTaller and claim that the new construction will be the tallest in Orlando.

Well today we’ve found out the name of the new attraction “Ihu’s Breakaway Falls” named after the companies Gecko mascot.

Aquatica stated that Ihu’s Breakaway Falls will include multiple slides and will be be the tallest, steepest and only multi-slide ride of its type in Orlando.

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Aquatica Confirms Operating Calendar Amendment

Afternoon Thrill Seekers,

We’ve just had work here at Orlando Attraction Tickets of a slight aquaticaamendment to SeaWorld owned water park, Aquatica’s operating calendar.

Please note that the park will now be closed on the following dates;

November 4, 7, 11, 14, 18, 21, and 25

December 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, and 19

The closures are pretty standard for Orlando’s water parks and I’m sure we’ll see further information from Disney and Universal over the upcoming weeks.

Aquatica has proved to be a massive hit as 2012 attendance figures show, despite only being 4 years old the park managed to serve over 1.2 million customers in 2012 and only looks to be getting stronger.

At the time of writing you can purchase a 2 Park SeaWorld and Aquatica 14 day ticket for only £82.00 per adult.

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First Look at LEGOLAND Florida’s new water park

Splash Island – once one of Florida’s hidden gems is now just a disused dried up water park. But not for long! LEGOLAND Florida is now in the process of turning this shell of a park into a happy place again. In order to transform this once popular water park its wave pool, lazy river and assorted slides had to be drained in order to check their condition.

The good news is General Manager Adrian Jones said “The condition of the infrastructure has actually surprised us how good it is considering its been idle for the last 2 years” This has given LEGOLAND a jump start on creating the new water park which should be up and running in time for peak season this summer. An exact opening date is expected within the next few weeks – we’ll keep you posted when we know more! However, until then check out a few images of its current state along with an artists impression of what’s to come 🙂










You can be one of the first to splash around in Florida’s newest water park this summer, simply visit our friends at Orlando Attraction Tickets for the latest rates for LEGOLAND Florida tickets.

LEGOLAND Ticket Options


Its good to see that LEGOLAND are making the most of  Winter Haven. The water park will add another exciting dimension to Florida’s newest theme park.

Dont forget to post a comment once you have had a chance to sample the park for yourself – we’d love to hear what you thought!