The Orlando Attraction Tickets Top 10 Tips For Saving Money

Morning Thrill Seekers,

A good theme park holiday can be pretty expensive so every little smiles includedhelps. We’ve put together our top 10 tips for saving money at Orlando Theme Parks.

Before you depart the UK

Buy you tickets in the UK

Purchasing your tickets in the UK saves you at least 40% on your Orlando Attraction Tickets. Also the theme parks offer exclusive UK only tickets which you can’t buy in the U.S.

Look to buy combo tickets

Here at Orlando Attraction Tickets you can save yourself money by purchasing our combo tickets before you depart, our most popular ticket the Orlando Passport which is made up of 3 separate gate ready tickets generally saves you around £5 per ticket when compared to purchasing the 3 tickets separately.

Disney Fastpass

Remember all the Disney Tickets we offer come with the Disney Fastpass built in this will save you a small fortune based on purchasing it at the park.

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When in Orlando

Don’t skip breakfast

I know all the top tips for theme parks tell you to get to the parks early but what they never mention is don’t skip breakfast! If you’re staying in a hotel where you breakfast is included then take advantage of it, food at the parks can be expensive.

Take your own bottled water

It’s Orlando! It’s going to be hot! It’s very important to keep yourself hydrated by taking your own water purchased outside of the park you will save yourself money.

Take a packed lunch

Same for lunch, the park restaurants although great, can be expensive if you’re working off a tight budget. Taking a packed lunch with you can not only save you money but also gives you the flexibility to eat when you want too.

Share a lunch

U.S. portion sizes are legendary, you could quite easily share a meal with a friend and both of you feel quite full 🙂

Purchasing Souvenirs 

Souvenir purchasing at the park can prove to be quite expensive, you can find some of the same items online at a lower cost so its worthing shopping around.


Although Florida Car Hire gives you the freedom to come and go as you please you are still liable for the car parking, some of your tickets include free transportation; for example our Busch Gardens Tickets all offer a free bus to and from the Tampa based theme park.

These are just a few ways of saving yourself money, for more hints and tips get yourself over to our facebook page where Orlando enthusiasts are waiting to help 🙂

Smiles included…


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