Universal Reveal TapuTapu Details

Hey Thrill Seekers,

It’s pretty clear from the reaction we get when post anything on Facebook that Universals Volcano Bay is certainly highly anticipated.

Today Universal revealed a bit more about the technology they’re going to be using to remove queues! They call it TapuTapu…


Here’s how it works

IMG_0003 On arrival – Enter Universal’s Volcano Bay where you’ll be welcomed as a part of the Waturi family.



IMG_0004Receive your TapuTapu – As you enter the park, every guest will receive a TapuTapu wearable. It’s yours for the day to unlock the wonders of our tropical oasis.



IMG_0005Throughout The Park – Look for totems throughout the park and tap your TapuTapu wherever you see this symbol.



IMG_0006Hold Your Place In Line – Tap your TapuTapu to enter the Virtual Line™ experience. Relax and play around the park. Your wearable will alert you when it’s time to ride.


IMG_0007Discover Interactive Surprises – You can even use your TapuTapu to play with interactive surprises around the park, from water jets to dazzling lighting effects.



IMG_0008Return Your TapuTapu – After a day of fun, return your TapuTapu when you exit Volcano Bay.


Cool huh!? And what will it look like? Well this…


Pretty sweet hey?

We’ll update you when we find out more!

smiles included…


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