What Do The Disney My Magic+ Enabled Tickets Look Like?

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Disney are fully rolling out My Magic+ and replacing the old Fastpass system at all their theme parks. So its important to make sure that you’re purchasing tickets that are RFID and My Magic+ enabled.

Here’s what you need to be looking out for;



The most important part to note is the Mickey Mouse logo on the back of the ticket usually found either at the bottom of the ticket or at the top, this confirms that the ticket is indeed My Magic+ ready.

So there you go, that’s what your new Disney tickets should look like. All Disney tickets sold by Orlando Attraction Tickets for 2014 are My Magic+ enabled.

Click here if you’re asking yourself “What is Disney My Magic Plus“?

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2 Replies to “What Do The Disney My Magic+ Enabled Tickets Look Like?”

  1. Hi how are these tickets the same or different to magic bands? I’m confused as to
    Whether these tickets offer fast pass + and if they are able to be linked to my disney experience on the disney website in order to make table reservations etc ?

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