2016 Theme Park Attendances

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It’s that time of year again when we take a look at how the theme park market has done. These figures are always based on the previous year so we’ll be taking a look at 2016.

2015 theme park attendance results were offer the charts worldwide however 2016 bought mixed results with slow, steady growth in many markets along with some minor declines in others.

Walt Disney World continues to be the largest theme park group in the World welcoming 140,403,000 visitors increasing by 1.8% year on year. Merlin who have recently been linked with a move for Busch Gardens came in second and also increase their visitation year on year.

Top 10 Theme Park Groups Worldwide

Top 25 Theme Parks Worldwide

As you can see Disney dominate, with 11 of its parks appear in the top 25 in the World and from our interest, Orlando has 7 in the top 25 with Magic Kingdom proudly sat at the top.

Top 20 Theme Parks in North America

As per every other year, Magic Kingdom sits proudly at the top of the most visited parks in America however this year attendance has dropped but we are talking minimal amounts. The top 20 is pretty similar to 2015 however Universal’s Islands of Adventure has moved up a place to 7th and has seen the second biggest attendance rise at 6.5%.

Next years attendance figures will be interesting with the opening of Universal’s Volcano Bay and Pandora The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Vs Brexit!

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