Bob Iger Drops Some Star Wars, Epcot And Magic Updates

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On Thursday Disney CEO Bob Iger gave shareholders a glimpse into what their working on. He covered Star Wars, Epcot and the future of My Magic+.

During the shareholder meeting Mr Iger confirmed that ground would be broken on Disney’s most exciting project, Star Wars, next month. Still no official launch date but an estimate of 2018 might be pretty close to the mark.

star wars

Visitors to Disney’s Hollywood Studios may have already noticed that the clearing of the space required for the new land started last year with the closing of several attractions.

Iger was also asked about any plans for Epcot which some have said has been slightly neglected over the years, although Epcot will be gaining the new Frozen attraction, Frozen Ever After and new technology for Soarin’. Iger confirmed that Disney were planning a long term strategy for Epcot and stated;

There’s lots of great work going its to that thinking, but there’s nothing to announce as of right now


Disney spent an absolute fortune on My Magic Plus  but the parks are now reaping the rewards of the new technology with in park spending up and the access to additional visitor data which until this technology was introduced Disney could only speculate on. Iger confirmed its success and also stated that they were looking into ways to expand the technology and offer more for mobile users…

mymagic-If the last 5 years have been dominated by Universal (Harry Potter, Transformer’s, King Kong) it does appear that the mouse has taken off its gloves… and that means “Yey” for all of us.

Smiles included…


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