Halloween Horror Nights 25 – The Scare Zones!

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So last week we brought you the full line up of houses for Halloween Horror Nights 25 and I have to admit that I am super jealous of anyone that is lucky enough to be going, as this year, it looks to be Universal’s best yet!


In addition to the great line up of houses there are also an array of chilling ‘Scare Zones’ to negotiate as you make your way from house to house.

Scare Zones

  • Psychoscareapy: Unleashed — The criminally insane inmates of Shadybrooke Asylum have escaped and unleashed their horror onto a Halloween block party in the streets of New York. Come join the party goers as the inmates kill for the best Halloween costumes for their very own special costume contest where you will be the judge. Oh, and this will be one of the bloodiest scare zones ever!
  • ICONS: HHN — And now for the scare zone I’m looking forward to the most! It’s time to take a look back in history and come face-to-face with the icons from our past. Iconic characters from the event’s 25 year history such as The Caretaker, The Storyteller, The Director and more will be found roaming the streets of Hollywood. I’ve even heard The Rat Lady will be making her grand return!
  • Scary Tales: ScreamPunk — This year, we’re bringing to life our most horrifying Scary Tales characters with a new twist. This steampunk-inspired version of Scary Tales is sure to leave you screaming.
  • Evil’s Roots — It’s time to be immersed in Halloween’s most evil traditions in the scare zone located in Central Park. Here you’ll find the event’s traditional jack-o-lanterns in the air as you encounter evil fairies, humanoid bats, scarecrows and more. Think “Grown Evil” from 2011 but on a whole ‘nother level!
  • All Nite Die-In: Double Feature — Last but certainly not least is a double feature of horror at The Carey DrIvE IN movie theatre. Wander down the streets of San Francisco and you’ll come across this theatre that has been named “DIE IN”, due to the gruesome murders that occurred. Enter if you dare…

Plus dont forget the 2 amazing live shows;

  • The Carnage Returns — Jack the Clown is taking Halloween Horror Nights back in a blaze of murderous mayhem with his army of feared followers and his companion in carnage, Chance. Remember, Jack always has the last laugh.
  • Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure — Of course, they’re back in an all-new Halloween adventure. I could never describe the hilarious insanity of that show. It has to be seen to be believed. Party on, dudes!

There is still time to be part of this amazing event…

Orlando Attraction Tickets offers 2 ticket types that cover entry into Halloween Horror Nights;

The is event is strictly ticketed and is not suitable for children.

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Halloween Horror Nights 25 announce more houses! Plus the return of a classic!

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Universal Orlando have announced more amazing houses for Halloween Horror Nights 25! AND they are bringing back a classic – An American Werewolf in London!!! This house first appeared in 2013 and was an instant hit. Universal, working closely with  film Director John Landis produced one of the most authentic and scary experiences to date – I was lucky enough to visit the house back in 2013 – read about it here. But for those not familiar here’s the lowdown;

An American Werewolf in London

The retelling of the classic 1981 John Landis horror film, An American Werewolf in London.

You’ll find yourself back on the English moors as you fend off attacks and witness the bone-crunching transformations. The best part? The wolf pack has expanded, and they’re going to be even more ferocious with a whole new look.

If that wasn’t already good enough Universal have announced even more  original content houses

Jack presents: 25 years of Monsters and Mayhem

Monsters and mayhem

Jack is back and he invites you to join him for the ultimate reunion in horror. Universal classic monsters will attack from the shadows, meat-grinding maniacs will rip every scream from your throat, and ghosts of Horror Nights past will stalk you around every corner. You’ll find yourself dying to get in and relive your most haunting memories of the past 25 years of Halloween Horror Nights.

RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears

Run: Blood, sweat and fearsCongratulations! You’ve been selected to be one of the lucky contestants on RUN, the most popular and brutal television show in the world. In this house, you’ll have to try and avoid the skilled assassins known as Reapers as you work through “death obstacles” designed to mangle and shred—all for the amusement of the audience watching from home. And good news: the now run-down Hellgate Prison has been selected as the battleground. Good luck!

Asylum in Wonderland 3D

Asylum in Wonderland

A new volume of Scary Tales has been released by Ultra Violent Comics: “Asylum in Wonderland”. This time around, you’ll follow the white rabbit through the looking glass and into a murderous 3-D Wonderland. All of the beloved characters will come to life in this chaotic world with an insane, nightmarish twist. You’ll be left asking one question: Is it all really in Alice’s mind? Or are the images you see real enough to kill you?

Body Collectors: Recollections 

Body collectorsThey have returned. The Body Collectors are on the hunt for the human parts they so desperately need. Emerging from the darkness on a cold, winter night, they descended upon the unknowing inhabitants of Shadybrook Asylum. Get ready to face their sharpened blades as the screams of their recent victims echo throughout the halls.

Here are the previously announced houses;

WOW, these additions complete an amazing line up for this years event and best of all there is still time to be part of it;

Orlando Attraction Tickets offers 2 ticket types that cover entry into Halloween Horror Nights;

The is event is strictly ticketed and is not suitable for children.

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Jack The Clown Returns At Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 25

Hey Thrill Seekers,

As we reported yesterday Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights have indeed revealed some information about this years event.

Officially there will be;

  • 9 Houses
  • 5 Scare Zones
  • 2 Shows

9 Houses represent the most Universal have ever put on, they’ve confirmed via twitter that they are employing the largest number of scare actors ever and its running for the most for the most amount of nights ever…

But there’s something even BIGGER…. For as long as I’ve been covering Halloween Horror Nights fans have been desperate for the return of one very special clown and this year on the 25th anniversary Universal are going to give the people exactly what they want! (Be careful what you wish for?)

Universal confirmed via this statement and video (below) the return of Jack.

Jack the Clown will make his triumphant (and twisted) return to present the biggest and scariest Halloween Horror Nights® ever, select nights from September 18th through November 1st.

In a blog post covering the return of Jack, Michael Aiello the sicko behind HHN said;

Jack made an impression, no doubt. So much so that, to this day, fans stop us and exclaim passionately, “Bring Jack back!! He’s my favorite!! He is Horror Nights!”

That statement really says it all… Jack is Horror Nights.

Among all the characters that have headlined Halloween Horror Nights over the last 25 years, Jack represents the event in the purest way possible—he is the embodiment of all the tricks and the treats. And I couldn’t be more thrilled that we’re bringing him back for this year’s historic event.


We’ll keep you updated when Universal release more information.

You can purchase tickets for Universals Halloween Horror Nights from as little as £66 at Orlando Attraction Tickets.

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Halloween Horror Nights 25 Dates Plus Video Advert

Hey Thrill Seekers,

It may not even be Easter yet but our attention is already turning towards the frights and screams of Halloween…

Today Universal Orlando confirmed that Halloween Horror Nights 25 (HHN25) will run from Sept 18th to November 1st, making this years HHN25 the longest ever run.

Full details haven’t been released yet but generally Universal like to drip feed us information, however what they have released is this video advert for the event.

Although we don’t have a lot of information the advert does seem to suggest the return of a Universal legend… Jack The Clown…



We’ll keep you posted when Universal officially release the pricing for UK residence.

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What Can We Expect From Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 25

Hey Thrill Seekers,

Last year I was luckily enough to visit Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 24. If you’re not familiar with HHN, its best described as a living nightmare. Universal go into painstaking detail recreating or creating houses and street experiences to scare the bejesus out of you. Last year I came face to face with Michael Myers, the villain from the Halloween movies!

This year I’m guessing is going to be special. Its Universal’s 25th year of horrors and that sounds like an excellent excuse to up the screams, but what can we expect? Here are my some of the rumours I’ve heard about Universal Halloween Horror Nights 25.


Expanding into 2 parks

Yup thats right, one of the rumours doing the rounds is that Halloween Horror Nights is too big for just one park. Traditional all the houses and street experiences have taken part in Universal Studios but my spies tell me that this year they’ll be opening it up in Islands of Adventure. This in turn will allow them to expand their Walking Dead presence.


The most important part of any Halloween Horror Night are the houses, this year I’ve heard that the following houses are being considered;

  • Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Ghostbusters
  • American Horror Story
  • The Walking Dead
  • Alfred Hitchcock themed house
  • Hannibal
  • The Strain-Anytime
  • Jack the Clown

Universal sent out a questionnaire late last year asking a select bunch of people (including me) to comment on some of these ideas, so they are definitely in consideration.


Street Experiences

The street experiences are great, to continue the feeling of being scared there are select areas of Universal Studios devoted to scare zones. As you walk through these scare zones with hundreds of other visitors you can expect all sorts of nasties to jump out at you. For HHN25 we’ve heard these concepts are being considered…

  • The Walking Dead
  • The Purge
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Horror Parade


One of the highlights of my visit was the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure a cheeky show aimed at adults. This year Bill & Ted look certain to return along with perhaps a couple of these.

  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure
  • Horror Rock Band
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Penn & Teller Style Magic Show
  • Circus Freak Show


Again none of these ideas have been confirmed by Universal and I’m sure they’ll be a few curve balls thrown (see Dracula Untold as a good example) before the official line up is confirmed.

We’ll of course keep you updated here on the blog and let your know as soon as tickets are available to purchase.

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